I'd like to return this Jew

He’s just not working out at all! Is there a re-stocking fee?

No refunds and no exchanges! The hell you say!

Iran’s leader challenges Europe to take back Jews in Israel

You know the Pottery Temple rule – you circumsize it, you bought it!

<snerk> ;j

I’d like to return this Jew

Don’t bother, he’ll just be back again three days later.

He’s just restin’.

Somebody should sardonically take him up on it, stipulating that, of course, this means that the Islamic world will take back all of their Muslims… and Ahmadinejad wouldn’t mind then if all the mosques in Europe were torn down, would he? :dubious:

Clearly Ahmadinejad is not up on his current events and feels that the Jews were forced into Israel and not the Warsaw ghetto as actually occurred. Gosh, Warsaw, Warsaw - you know, I think I know where that’s located but it’s just not coming to me.

There isn’t a deep enough, slimey enough, stinking enough, scorpion-filled enough place to drop this man and his ilk. Instead of bombing the whole country, can’t we just look the other way for a few minutes and not see Mossad having a crack at him?

‘E’s pinin’ for the T’fillin.

My sentiments also, but cut one head off & two grow back.

I also like The Scrivener’s idea for a trade L

It is scratched.

Please tell me your nipples are NOT exploding with delight!

I’d like to return this Jew’s harp. It’s out of tune, you see, and the metal tongue bit is all bent …