I'd like you all to welcome..

My good friend Muffins are Evil.

I’ve told him a bit about you folks and the MB, and I’m certain he has at least ONE question for the great Cecil, or at least the Teeming Millions. I’ve already directed him towards GQ for that one as I am curious about the answer now myself. :wink:

Muffins is a guy for all you out there who have trouble figuring out what someones gender is. We may as well get that straightened out before any mistakes are made.

That said let us start with the ritual beat… uhm… initiation! Yes initiation to our group. Be kind at least as he is a nice guy. :slight_smile:

I saw the name and wondered if Muffin had a new enemy.

Welcome, Muffins are Evil!

What? I’m confused for a female? ACK! That… isn’t right… -=sniff.=- Now I know… bleh bleh… but still. I -am- a man. And, as long as you all don’t hurt me when I’m initiated, I’m allright.

Welcome, MaE. Hmmmm, that does sound like a girly name.

I see you blew your first post on an Austin Powers movie defense. Ah well, our deflowering can’t all be romantical-like with fireworks going off.

Enjoy your stay, and please don’t feed the 1920s-style “Death Rays”.

“Some people . . . some people like cupcakes exclusively, while I myself say there is not, nor ought there be, nothing so exalted on the face of God’s gray earth as that prince of foods . . . the Muffin!”

Welcome, Muffins Are Evil.

I’m a bit of a newbie here myself Muffins Are Evil, but welcome to the good ship SDMB.

Oh…and say goodbye to a fair chunk of your spare time.

Well, you don’t have to cry about it, Muffin! :smiley:

Welcome to the boards!

(And I hope you have a good addiction therapist handy).

Yes, but is he straight?

Hmm, should I be welcoming when I have less than 20 posts under my belt? heh.

Be welcome. Enjoy your stay.

Welcome. Grow insane with us here.

Well he actually asked that about this board (if it’s all straight people or what) I mentioned that not all of us are straight… though that could just be our crooked minds…

Uhm referencing to Homebrew… I think it’s time for a nap here. Sleepy sleepy.

Welcome, MaE. Live long and prosper here. Also, take care of the lady with the coolest user name on the boards.

Obsidian Flutterby, it’s good to see you back. I missed your posts for a while, and was concerned. You know how old folks worry when the youngsters don’t check in…:wink:

Here’s another newbie saying ello, nice to meet you Muffins Are Evil. Oh, and just so you know, I’ve got dibs on the wild turkey.

don 't the noobs bring donuts?!


Or at least a cold beer?

Welcome to the land of Atomic Badger racing, recalcitrant hamsters, and Hi, Opal.

Or blueberry muffins?


I thought it was pie?

Welcome Muffins Are Evil!

Thanks John :slight_smile: Yeah my computer died for about 3 months there. Heh… I worried Muffins a fair bit too with that one.