ID sci-fi movie: monster with bright eye

I am posting this for someone else. Here is his description:

I posited that it might be the “Space:1999” ep “Dragon’s Domain,” which has some footage on youtube, but he said that ain’t it.


Some of this sounds like the Ib Melchior/Sidney Pink “masterpiece” Journey to the Seventh Planet, but other parts don’t.

Maybe its a remembrance of that movie and “Angry Red Planet”.

It’s one of my favorite forgotten movies!

Mission Mars (1968)

starring Nick Adams and Darren McGavin.

It is not available on DVD.

It’s a great movie, in a fun, campy way.


Thanks for the tip. He seems to think that it is indeed “Mission Mars,” which also stars Chuck Zink.

If you’re wondering “Who the hell is Chuck Zink?” so did my uncle and I 30 years ago when we were watching the state beauty pageant, the winner of which would go on to either “Miss USA” or “Miss America.” The announcer proudly announced that the host for the evening was going to be “CHUCK ZINK!” My uncle looked at me and actually said, “Who the hell is Chuck Zink?”