ID these flowers for me?

The little ones.

No idea, but I’m posting to see the answer. I may just have found my floral arrangements for my wedding! Pretty, pretty. :smiley:

I can’t tell for sure…the photo’s too small (or, rather, the photo is too large…the portion of the photo that holds the flowers in question is too small because of that), but they kind of look like kalanchoe flowers. Not exactly common in florist arrangements, though.

Red Kalanchoe?

ETA: What jayjay said.

Definitely not Kalanchoe. *Kalanchoe *has four petalled flowers with the petals fused into a narrow tube and the stamens protruding to be visible along with the petals.

The flowers in the picture have 5 petals, the floral tube is broad and there is no sign of the stamens.

It’s a crappy picture, but the flowers don’t quite seem to be actinomorohic. So my guess would be something in the Acanthaceae, possibly one of the *Thunbergia*s, though I’ve never seen a red Thunbergia.

Some kind of Saxifrage? That’s a large group, and I don’t find an image that matches up perfectly, but this:
shows why I’m suggesting it.

I’d say “waxflower” - but the color is all weird… then again, florists/suppliers are evil enough to try dyeing most anything ; )
This seems to support my theory:
A plus is that it smells nice.

The flowers look a bit small for this guess, but the first thing that came to mind for me was Mimulus.

Seeing the foliage would help with identification.