ID this 80's Cartoon

Long-time lurker here. I registered a guest id to ask this question, because it’s been driving me nuts. There was a cartoon that I watched as a young 'un, that I would love to try to find, but I can’t remember what it was called.

There was a rock band that somehow got sucked into a cartoon world. In involved rollercoasters I think (though I may be confusing it with the D&D cartoon) and there was a fairy who got really really strong when she sneezed. And I think I remember evil anthropomorphic cats that chased them around? Not much to go on, I know.

The Great Space Coaster?

Kidd Video.

You know, I just did a “Battle of the magical cartoon sidekicks” on another forum and, right before I read this post, mentally kicked myself for forgetting about the leg-warmer wearing fairy.

kidd video

Wow, that was fast! Yep, it was Kidd Video. Awesome. Thanks guys!