ID this animated scene for me

A small person (or creature) is sitting behind the wheel of a car. A bigger person (or creature) gets in, putting his/its hand/paw directly on the face of the smaller one and pushing him/it across the front seat (maybe accompanied by a funny sound effect) to make room. The big person/creature looks pleased to have the chance to drive.

I thought it might be in Pixar’s Mike’s New Car, with Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc., but I just saw that, and it’s not.

This sounds vaguely familiar. Are you certain it was CG and not hand drawn?

It also sounds vaguely familiar to me, and I was going to guess Monsters, Inc. Any chance it was from The Muppet Movie? Did Fozzie push Kermit out of the way to drive the car? Yeah, I know it wasn’t animated.

I never said it was either.

Didn’t Warner Bros. do bits with a big dog and smaller one. The smaller one was always like, “Surebossok whatever yousayboss!”

Shaddup shudnup!

My best guess is the movie Open Season, about a zoo bear who accompanies a deer back into the wilderness. But I’m not going to watch it to check.

No, I never saw Open Season.

Monsters Inc. has only ever been rendered in CG. So, yes, you did imply it was.

Didn’t THE INCREDIBLES have a tiny car?

I don’t remember any such scene in The Incredibles, which I’ve seen many times.

Nonesuch scene.

I know the old-timey dogs you’re thinking of and I don’t recall them ever being in a car.

I think I’ve seen the clip in the OP because it sounds very familiar, are you guys sure it isn’t Zootopia? I haven’t seen the movie but I’m picturing that style of animation in my head. Or the one we saw previews for at the movies recently, it’s a cartoon where different animals drive around singing.

What about The Secret Life of Pets, was there a scene like that in there?

I saw *Zootopia *and don’t remember that being in it; haven’t seen The Secret Life of Pets, but I did see the trailer, and it wasn’t in that, either.


Found it! Just saw Toy Story 2 again, and it’s in there. Hamm (the piggy bank) is driving a toy car in Al’s Toy Barn. He pulls up to Mr. Potato Head and Rex, who climb in. Mr. Potato Head pushes Hamm over and takes the wheel. Can’t find it on YouTube, alas.

Not on YouTube, but here nonetheless. About 1:00 in. Toy Story 2 - 5 Through Al's Toy Barn aisles guide by Barbie

That’s it! Thanks.

Wow, I forgot how depressing that movie was.

It certainly has its sad moments (Jessie’s song “When She Loved Me” is a certified tearjerker), but by the end all the toys except the Prospector are welcomed by Andy and will, it’s implied, have many more years of fun together. Which leads us to Toy Story 3