ID this bit of a scnene from a movie or TV show for me, please?

A car is carrying a couple of newlyweds toward their honeymoon, with a crowd apparently cheering them on.

But after a few seconds, it becomes apparent they aren’t cheering, but instead are screaming for the couple to stop the car. We see the end of the car go by the screen, trailing a rope or cord of some kind–and at the end of this cord, it turns out, there’s a middle-aged woman, dead I think, being dragged along.

I thought I dreamed this the other night, til my wife described the scene and asked what show that was that I was watching.

I have no idea what show it is, I barely even remember the scene. I think it must have just shown up while I was flipping through channels or something.

But now I’m very curious to know what the show was. I really thought it was just something I had dreamed.


Think it was an episode of CSI. The woman at the end of the rope was the groom’s mother – a rather nasty woman.

Yes, CSI.

And, just fyi, the episode was Roshamama, one of their more humorous ones (and it just re-aired this past week).