ID this joke from its punchline

When I was quite young (details foggy here) my mother did something I thought was clever, and I asked “How did you do that?” Her reply was to tap her temple and say, “Kidneys, my boy. Kidneys” In response to my puzzled look she elaborated, “That’s the punchline of a joke.”

“Oh. Tell me the joke”

“Um, I forget”

It’s been decades and she still doesn’t remember the joke. This bugs me. I do the temple-kidneys thing with my own kids, perpetuating the intergenerational angst.

Help me ease my family’s suffering: What joke has the punchline “Kidneys, my boy. Kidneys”?

Several possibilities.

None of them really make any sense.

I think the basic idea is that someone who is otherwise considered to be a total dipstick correctly identifies and locates several body parts (e.g. femur, ulna, collarbone).

When asked how this seemingly impressive task was accomplished, the total dipstick errantly points to the head and says, …

Get it?

I figured this out by reading here.

Agreed. Somehow I was expecting… more.

Maybe I should try to write my own setup. I always imagined the joke would entail hilarious miscommunication at a butcher’s shop (or maybe better: a chef, involving headcheese and/or steak & kidney pie).

What I’ve heard, back in the '60s, was “It’s all in the kidneys.”

And it’s not a punchline, it’s the entire joke. If you’re so smart, why do you confuse your brain with your kidneys?

Now that has a ring to it. The “mental competency test” stories may have been attempts to construct a joke setup after the phrase itself had already caught hold.

ETA: could this be the original source?

Urea real fart smeller.

I’d never heard it before and that was my first impression, and I’m certainly no Alfred Einstein.

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Hey, I’m smart too except that I’ve always confused my kidneys with my ass. I can never keep straight which is which. Does that make me a smart ass?

That’s a rhetorical question, of course. I already know the answer.

Sometimes a line about the kidneys is renally nothing more than that.

There was an advert for beer (I think) in Australia that used the punchline “now we can all get some sleep” there was no joke, that was the joke.

I remember that we would say the punch line if someone said an unfunny joke, yep we cracked up all the time.

I think that ad was for Claytons and starred Jack Thompson - the film actor.

Claytons was a non alcoholic spirit - ‘the drink you have when you’re not having a drink’.

I needed a human kidney for a stage prop for a show.
I couldn’t get a real human kidney so I needed to come up with a good fake. I put a potato inside a red condom. Went over pretty well actually.

I’m really hoping you didn’t even try to get a real human kidney. Otherwise I’m seeing a “bathtub full of ice” scenario here.

This is the answer. My father used to say this all the time, it was his favorite joke.

See! I TOLD you guys I’d get one right sooner or later. Hell, even a blind camel finds a coconut sooner or later.

How did you do it, SiXSwordS?

I used Wikipedia, why do you ask?

Sorry. I was setting you up, hoping you’d respond with, “Kidneys, man. Kidneys”