ID this Mad Magazine article: Movie Scenes We'd Like to See"

A series of one-panel cartoons, with taglines that were twists on common movie clichés.

The one I’m looking for showed a young man, on a bandstand with musicians around, telling his father, “I’ve tried my best to get interested in this jazz band of yours, Dad. I’m afraid my real love is the banking business”. The father looked conspicuously like Benny Goodman.

Another showed a group of crooks plotting a job. The ringleader addressed a man dressed as a jester, while a fetching woman stood aside: “It’ll be your job to keep Old Man Moneybags entertained - while Miss Shapely here cracks the safe”.

I’m digging this “Absolutely Mad” DVD. :slight_smile:

To clarify, I’m looking for the issue/date that the article appeared in. TIA.

Does the “Absolutely Mad” DVD have a search feature?

I had the previous version a long time ago, I thing it was called “Totally MAD”, on multiple CDs, and I believe you could do keyword searches.

I think it’s hilarious that certain scenes will always remind me of the Mad parody, such as:

The ‘eye held open sequence in A Clockwork Orange’

I found with a Google Search this site that says there’s an article entitled “TV and Movie Scenes We’d Like to See” in #148, Jan 1972.

There were a LOT of “Scenes we’d like to see” in Mad over the years. The 1972 one isn’t unique.

Yeah. It was a catchall title, and they did it every six months or so (if not more often).

The OP’s scenes are from issue #80, July 1963: “More Movie Dialogue We’d Like to Hear.”

This actually happened. The boy eventually became Prime Minister.

And there’s a scene in a crypt with a body opening its casket, with a professor and a woman in a sexy gown looking on.
She says, "But, Professor!You’re not a scientist! Surely you believe in all this superstitious nonsense!" (bolding in original)

(More) Movie Dialogue We’d Like to Hear (‘More’ because it was the second such article in the issue. Page 28, issue 80, July 1963. The ‘Miss Shapely loots the safe’ one is in the same article.

“You’re not a scientist” is in the first article, on page 15.

Feels great to land my white whale!

Biffy, I was away from the internet and went straight to the end of the thread before seeing your reply. Thanks!