ID this movie for me. Fast car, dj and cops

It was one of those driver vs outlaw cop movies of the late 70’s. I remember the hero driving a fast car maybe a Shelby. He got help from a black female DJ. IIRC only her lips were shown as she advised him of the Smokey situation. In the end

he crashes into a bulldozer and the car is blown up

Any idea what this movie title is? I know it is not much to go on, but thanks in advance.

SSG Schwartz

Sounds like either The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman or Save the Tiger.

Vanishing Point.
It was a Dodge Challenger

You have some details wrong. The movie you are thinking of is Vanishing Point. The car is a Dodge Challenger, and the DJ is Cleavon Little, who would bitch-slap you if you called him a female. :smiley:
eta: Hi, Rick!

It was not TAoMJP, and I don’t think Jack Lemmon was the protagonist.

SSG Schwartz

Thanks, Rick and silenus. I am getting this film now. And I deserve the bitch slap.

SSG Schwartz

As long as we’re talking about it, I might as well caution you that there was a “made for TV” version of Vanishing Point back in 1997. It starred Viggo Mortenson and pretty much fucked up the original movie as well as it could have possibly been fucked. The only way they could have made it worse would have been if they set it on a boat.

Just a caution when you’re DVD hunting. Don’t get sloppy.


Vanishing Point had a great soundtrack as well

Nothing to add except that after hearing so much about this movie I went and rented it, only I accidentally picked up the crappy '97 version (Luke freaking Perry as the DJ?).

Also, maybe the OP was conflating this film with The Warriors, which has a black female DJ providing updates on the gangs’ whereabouts.

silenus writes:

> . . . the DJ is Cleavon Little, who would bitch-slap you if you called him a female.

Little is dead, so he’s in no position to bitch-slap anyone.

According to Wikipedia the UK release also featured Charlotte Rampling as a bonus :slight_smile:

Great film, sadly Dad stopped taping about half way through it last time it was on TV, I’d love to catch it again. Or dig out the classic car magazine where one of the movie cars was taken out again for a run.

We picked up Vanishing Point (yes, the original) for five bucks in the discount bin at Wal-Mart a few months back, so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

Weird that you bring this up. I just got Vanishing Point on DVD from Netflix two days ago. I heard it was a must see if you like classic car chase scenes. Of course, I was told the same about Bullit. And, apart from the chase scene (which was pretty good) the rest of the movie was pretty forgettable.

I have yet to see it. Hopefully I’ll get to it soon.