ID This Movie

Does anyone recall a hysterically good comedy about Nazi Germany which was in theatres in the second half of the 1980’s? I am mixed up by the recent hub-bub about “The Producers”. Is that what i’m thinking of? I want to say it had similarities to “Victor Victoria”, but I don’t remember enough to know why.

All I remember is that (late in) the movie had Hitler’s staff passing along some running joke about the Fuerer and a pickle. Also, I seem to recall the opening with “Hitler” singing “I just want a little peace, peace…a little piece of Poland, a little slice of Turkey…” IIRC, the “Hitler” character was bopping a giant balloon-like globe around while snging this song.

Any ideas? - Jinx


To Be Or Not To Be

Here’s the imdb link. The reason you’re getting it confused with The Producers is that both were Mel Brooks projects. Pretty good movie, too.

(OK, that’s two “ID this movie” threads I’ve scooped. Linty’s on a roll!!) :cool:

Yeah, that was it!

What was 1941? Was it a comedy? Sounds familar…I’ll have to see if I can rent it from somewhere… - Jinx

Here’s the 1942 original with Jack Benny.

Here ya’ go. Don’t bother renting it. It was the biggest bomb in Steven Spielberg’s life. To answer your question, it was technically a comedy in that it was supposed to make you laugh.