ID this musical group from this car commercial

Last night I saw a car commercial. I don’t remember which car or even which brand. The music kind of interested me though. It sounded kind o like it might have been a revisiting of an old 40s standard or something. It had some electronified stuff in it. It was kind of cutesy. The lyrics said something about “that’s how we know we’re in love.”

Ringing any bells?


“Car Song” by Woody Guthrie?

Wait - I just saw this commercial just now. Forget my previous suggestion - it’s two VW Rabbits chasing each other around Central Park. Some other lyrics are “The birds and the bees…are smiling in the trees…”

Lemme see if I can find it…

Found it.

The song is The Birds and The Bees, by Patrick and Eugene, and it’s on the album Postcard from Summerisle.

Oh sure, after I do all the heavy lifting. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :smiley: