ID this offbeat SF movie from the 70's

IIRC this movie was made for TV and was set in the near future. All I remember is that some scenes were filmed in the Hollywood Hills, along Mulholland between Coldwater and Laural Canyon. Also, environmental pollution had brought about some sort of physiological change in people, and they could now get drunk from milk. The movie showed people serving and consuming milk in much the same way that whisky is drunk today.

Anybody got a clue as to what this movie was?

Alien Nation has aliens who get drunk on sour milk, and it does take place, IIRC, in L.A., though it came out in 1988.

You’re not thinking of the Spielberg directed episode of the TV show “The Name of the Game” are you?

I didn’t actually see it, (being 11 months old at the time), but see if any of this rings a bell.

Thanks, Dooku. That would be the one.