ID this old cartoon

It’s been driving me crazy. I saw this 'toon as a young’un (early 70s) and have been trying to track it down forever. Anyway, I think it’s an old ‘Merrie Melodies’ short.

The one bit I remember is a wolf (I think it was a wolf) that lived in this old shack and the interior was filled from floor to ceiling with cans of baked beans. There’s a long ‘tracking shot’ that pans across the shack, showing cans, and cans, and cans, and cans, and still more cans of beans. Meanwhile, we hear the voice of the wolf saying, a little manically (paraphrasing): "Beans…beans for breakfast in the morning, beans for lunch at noon, beans for dinner every evening, followed by beans for desert! Beans at snacktime! Beans at every.single.meal…


That’s all I remember, except that the Wolf goes out on the prowl hunting for something but beans to eat. (His intended quarry might have been Porky Pig.)

Ring a bell with anyone?

Yes ( it was the “beans” bit that rung a bell ) , but I can’t remember a thing past what you said.

I kind of remember it but not the title. I’m guessing it was a war time cartoon and the joke was that beans were all he had to eat, without any ration stamps for meat. WAG, mind you.

Daffy’s Southern Exposure from 1942. The video linked is a really poor copy, even by YouTube standards, unfortunately. The scene you described begins at 1:44.

Here’s a better one.

The “What are you laughin’ at? I’m really hungry” scene has stuck with me for decades, just as the beans bit stuck with the OP.

There is an old Donald & Goofy cartoon called “Polar trappers” that begins in the same way. Donald is frying beans in his igloo, which is filled with boxes and cans of beans. He stopps singing and says : “Beans, Beans, BEANS! Oh Phooey! I’m sick and tired of Beans!”. Then his eyes turn to a penguin outside his window, and imagines it fried like a turkey.