Ideas for conversation starters...

Have you ever been somewhere, doing something mundane (like sitting on a bus or waiting to buy your drink from the vending machine) and seen someone who strikes your interest, but you don’t know them, and are too afraid to talk to them straight up?

I’m sure you have. The thing is, what to do? How in the heck do you strike up a conversation with someone you have never met before, and with whom you have realistically no real reason to talk to?

I mean, you could try compliments. Like, “nice hat” or “those biceps look like my girlfriends breasts (or vice versa)”, but so far, I’ve thought of nothing really concrete.

I mean, the best I could come up with is the principle of proximity. This states (according to the first rule of Xavier’s Law) that the closer you are to the subject, the more reason there is for talking to said person, the greater the chances of initial success.

Like I said, I got diddly squat. Thing is, I reason most people don’t like to be talked to outta nowheresville. Yeah, yeah, a TON of you may now just tell me that that is simply not true; you after all loved to be talked to. Bullsshit. Emphasis on the double S (ss - no Nazi affiliation with respect to my Jewish friends).

So, got any ideas yourself? You guys are usually good at thinking of this stuff - and I only got two real angles - neither of them are are acute (cheap joke).

Maybe you have a story to tell, or just an idea. Either way, if you help this guy get to know more people on this earth, maybe the social inequalities that are present and manifest themselves in forms that allow ignorance and squalor to persist as a driving force behind the current world order will be hastily inclined to an obligatory doom.

Or you could just eat a nacho. Not nearly as helpful though.

(Forgive my grammar - I can get pretty creative at times)

I dunno, I walk up to random people and talk to them all the time. I guess it’s more of starting with something like a general greeting, asking them how they are or how their day was, and then trying to pick up a topic from there. It’s not that difficult if you can read what they might possibly have something to say about from their actions. Compliments right off the bat tend to shorten conversations to about 4 sentences or so in my experience, so I stick to commentary that’s neither a compliment nor an insult. You know, like if someone has a t-shirt with a band on it, you can make commentary that would lead to a discussion about music in general, etc.

Then again, I’m a weirdo. This may not work for you at all. I’m just overly friendly at times.

In my experience, most women respond to a simple ‘hello’, when accompanied by a nice, honest, non-lecherous smile.

Weather is always a safe topic. Everyone can relate to weather.

Ask her for directions. Women seem to love that. It goes totally against the male stereotype, puts them in authority while not making you look overly submissive at the same time, and indicates your belief that they look smart and trustworthy.

I’m assuming you’re a guy, a’course.

If you’re not, I apologize…and by the way, would you happen to have directions to the local orphanage? I’ve a load of hand-made wooden toys to donate. It’s just a hobby, y’understand…

I always like to open a conversation with:

“Does this look infected to you?”