Ideas for enterprise

(please remember that I am one season behind you guys).

I like Enterprise but I am offended because it had the potential to become the coolest Star Trek show. Unfortunately all that potential is many times wasted in absurd episodes. Therefore let’s build an scenario from which good episodes can be writed:

  1. More ships, it’s called an Star Fleet for something. I would love to see an episode in which the crew of enterprise is ordered to conduct an excercise with the newest fleet acquisition (U.S.S. Estilicon) Of course in the middle of it generic enemy appears and the practice turns into a quest for survival!!!

  2. Or I imagine another one in which enterprise is ordered to support the Vulcan fleet in a big battle against some enemy, of course the vulcan admiral puts enterprise in the reserve, but the battle turns against the vulcans and earthlings saves the day.

Ideas? Anyone?

Um, I’ve just recently started watching Enterprise again after a year’s hiatus so I’m a relative newbie to the series but I see a problem with both your suggestions.

On your idea for an actual fleet, I always thought the NX (stupid, stupid class name) class Enterprise was the first of its kind and it took something like thirty years to build, right? So wouldn’t they A) be waiting for Enterprise to prove its worth B) assuming it did, build more of the proven NX class and C) be severely limited in their ship building speed? It has to take a year or more for them to build even a single ship so it’d be too soon for a new class only two years later.

So far as your idea for us Terrans saving the day against the arrogant pointy ears… ugh. I’m sorry… no offense intended at all but I’m just a little tired of Humans being the superbeings they are despite being one of the weakest Trek species mentally and physically. As General Chang said… the United Federation of Planets is nothing more than a Homo Sapiens club only (present company excluded, of course). WHY?!

My ideas:

THE EARTH-ROMULAN WARS! For the next five years. Nothing but space battles between the pesky humans and the masters of the universe, the Rihannsu! [/fanboy overload]

More ships definately.
I’d also like to see the current Enterprise getting blown up and then a few episodes of the crew being on a planet, being picked up by the Vulcans and then heading home. On the way however, then pick up an earth signal. They go to investigate and dun dun dunnnnnnn. They meet up with the first Official Federation Enterprise. Built with the help of the Vulcans and other allies the Enterprise crew met along the way. Its faster and packs more of a punch. They also recieve word that five or six other ships have been built and are exploring other regions of space and establishing trade routes. Then we could actually get to see the seeds of the Federation being set instead of Archer and the gang pissing off aliens and getting the crap beat out of them.

This one will probably happen, since if I remember correctly the Romualn wars happened in the 2150’s. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the final season of Enterprise deals with the war.

One word, folks: Tellarites! :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, why aren’t we meeting more of the “founding members” of the Federation yet? We’ve met the Andorians, and naturally the Vulcans, but no others as of yet. I’d like to see more of the canon ST races.

TV Guide shared, a few issues ago, ideas that they had for improving Enterprise, one of which was to deep-six Hoshi, which I definitely do not agree with. I do like all the current characters, though wish that we’d see more interaction with them, like Travis especially, who hasn’t really had much to do yet. Also, the better shows (IMHO) have featured several stories that intertwine or even sometimes don’t mesh together at all; the one where we met one of Phlox’ wives, I enjoyed that part of the show better than the main plot. I wish they’d have more than one plot going on; I think it would be more entertaining and I think most of the audience would like to see more characterization of the rest of the crew. :slight_smile:


How did you get a year behind? You in suspended animation on a DY-100 class sleeper ship?

Wasn’t the Excelsior’s designation an NX one? Like, NX-2000?

NX means experimental.
Of course, NCC means a civilian aircraft, so WTH.


Yeah… Excelsior was NX-2000 and the Defiant was NX-74205. Ship classes are usually named after the first ship so all Excelsior lookin’ ships are Excelsior class and all Defiant lookin’ ones are Defiant. Archer’s ship should be Enterprise class.


Berman and Braga. Not you guys.*

**Okay, maybe NoClueBoy. :smiley:

Defiant looking ships?

How about confused looking ships?

Amazed looking ships?

Depressed looking ships?

FYI, I am too an idiot! :stuck_out_tongue:
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