Identical Quadruplets = Acting Careers !!

Apparently a Canadian couple has produced identical quadruplet girls.

Trés cool, IMHO. They can work on feature films and avoid those pesky child labor law issues entirely. Each kid will do 2-3 hours of work and nobody will be the wiser.

What’s that? How dare I assume the parents will simply exploit the children for financial gain with no regard for what each child’s interests and needs are?

Do you have any idea how expensive hockey gear is ???

Quads must be rough. Glad the girls sound like they’re okay.


Nah. Get them Ninja training and hire them out as assassins. Even if there is a witness, they have three alibis.

I once saw a show on the Discovery Channel about multiple births, and a set of identical quad boys was featured. They were about nine at the time. Not to long after that I saw a Tide commercial that had the same boys.