Identification of a Song in a Youtube Video

Can someone identify the standard that is playing at the beggining of this clip? A friend asked me and though I recognize it, I have no idea what its title is.

Thanks in advance.

Well, the very first one is The Entertainer, by Scott Joplin. But I don’t know if you perhaps mean to refer to one of the subsequent ones.

the first song is The Entertainer from the sting
At 1:32 is hello mother hello father
at 1:42 is from Gone with the wind
at 2:28 is Star wars
That all I knew for the clip

And beat by Indistinguishable

Thanks, guys. Much appreciated.

Originally The Dance of the Hours, and used in the dancing hippo sequence in Fantasia shown when the song plays.

As stated in the clip itself, this montage is the opening to The Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly Disney-MGM Studios), Walt Disney World, Florida.

at 0:18 to about 0:36 is “Cotton Blossom” from Showboat.
From 0:36 to about 1:26 I can’t make out what it is, it sounded like there were three different pieces there but I didn’t recognize any of them (they were hard to hear over the various bits of dialog).
From 1:26 to 1:30 is a tiny bit of Also Sprach Zarathustra.
Dance of the Hours starts at 1:30 and goes to 1:44.
Gone With the Wind starts at 1:44 and goes to 2:20.
Star Wars seems to start around 2:20 and goes to about 2:58.
After that just seems to be some sort of fanfare.

Sorry, compulsive.

Is the last bit from “That’s Entertainment”? Not just patterned on it, but the fanfare seems like something I’ve heard before.