Identify the Enterprise quote!

The following are quotes from various episodes of Star Trek (season 3 only) Enterprise. Can you identify the episodes each is from?

  1. I can’t wait to get in there, Captain.
  2. We’re in deep space, and a person is dead – a person who would still be alive if we hadn’t made first contact.
  3. I’m hungry…I’m not talking about food
  4. Don’t feed him cheese (on a computer screen)
  5. They had brains the size of a walnut…that’s very very small.
  6. He was also known to be frequently intoxicated - T’Pol
  7. Our problem is with Starfleet and people like you
  8. Osmium alloy (two episodes)
  9. I feel like I’ve been away for a thousand years
  10. You’d make a great nurse.
  11. All Xindi are not your enemy
  12. Saturated with radiolytic isotopes
  13. Even if it means killing you - Archer
  14. I’m a physician, not an engineer!
  15. Subservient quadruped
  16. Let’s see what’s in there.

#5) 3.18 Azati Prime
#14) Doctor’s Orders, isn’t it? I forget the number. Great quote though.

#2 - Archer (Quantum) to Tripp in the epilog/denoument (it kind of crosses over in that episode) of Cogenitor, what I consider to the best ENT to date.
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Once we’re through these, let’s do more!

You know what the sad part is? (No, Odo, not that I’m a very good tailor.) I came up with all of that off the top and upper middle layers of my head.

  1. We don’t have the luxury of being cautious
  2. Your inquiry was not recognized
  3. No, nor crumpets, either.
  4. Your father made a lousy engine.

Just to clarifye sommethinge: When I say “Season 3 only” I mean that it was only called Star Trek in season three, not that the quotes are only from season three.

bonks self

#20 - Monkey Boy Meanie Who Later Dies to Quantum in First Flight

I really suck at quotes and the two I actually knew, Candid beat me to. So I’m going to guess that that number four - Don’t feed him cheese - is from Harbinger.

Am I right?

Nopers :frowning:

#15 - the Ferengi in Acquisition refering to Porthos. He then tries to communicate with Porthos. Season I

#16 - Quantum to nobody in particular. Last line in The Expanse, Season II finale/quasi cliffhanger.

Candid: both correct
NCB: #2 correct
#15: not certain. I heard it in “A Night in Sickbay” (abbreviated to the very appropriate AniS). Phlox said it to Archer. I never saw the Ferengi episode
#16 correct.

This game sucks. :stuck_out_tongue:

…I was just joking. Any chance of us finding out what episodes these’re from?