Identify The Song

80’s pop song. Was played on the typical Top 40s stations (B-96 & Z-95 for those posting locally who remember radio in the 80’s).

Had something to do with the Vietnam War. Don’t remember a single word of it except that, towards the end, there was a spoken section with some guy rattling off dates and events in the war culminating with the American evacuation of the embassy and Saigon being renamed to Ho Chi Minh City. Male vocalist, if that helps.

No special need to find out; I just remember hearing the song way back in the day and have never heard it since. I don’t even remember any lyrics to try Googling. Of course, since I haven’t heard it since the 1980’s, it’s probably a pretty lousy song.

“19” by Paul Hardcastle:

There ya go. Thanks!

Edit: THAT was a #1 hit? Yeesh…