Identify these songs from Civ II

There are three Wonder movies from Civ II whose music I love and have been digging for years. I tried looking through the instruction encyclopedia and couldn’t find anything on them.

Can anyone identify the music from for Adam Smith’s Trading Company, Isaac Newton’s College, and Leonardo’s Workshop?

I haven’t played Civ II for ages, but I think the Trading Company music is Vivaldi, Concerto for Two Violins, or something like that

I know that’s not very helpful; that particular Wonder music stuck in my mind because I had it on CD (which I’ve now lost, unfortunately)

Anyway, hope that gives you something to start looking for…

Actually that’s a big help. Even if no else posts to this thread (please post to this thread) I now have a place to start on one of the songs, whereas before I was completely lost.

Adam Smith’s music is “The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba” by Handel.

Isaac Newton is the Allegro from Vivaldi’s Concerto #10 in B Minor (RV 580).

Leonardo’s music is a piece written in the style of a group(?) called Cantaloop. Never heard of them.

The “Shakespeare’s Theatre” monologue, by the way, is a shortened version of the opening monlogue of Henry V.

And my people can’t help falling in love with me.

If you have the CD (and what law-abiding computer game player wouldn’t, hah? HAH?!) try playing all the video clips of the advisors (as I recall, they were stored as .dat files, or something). In addition to the familiar ones, you’ll see some that would only get played under bizarre conditions, including the Industrial Age economics advisor (wearing a ponytail and narrow tie) screaming at you:

Sir! This is you! [holds up left hand] This is a clue! [holds up right hand, then slaps hands together] Get a clue, sir! Discover “Trade”!

I suppose managing to get to the Industrial Age without discovering Trade would be worth a bit of constructive criticism.

Science Guy: “Sir, I have done the calculations twice and the answer is clear. We suck.”

Y’know, that was one of the many reason Civ III was simply not as good as II. The graphics were nice and all, but the game itself lacked any sense of style and flair.

John T, you rock! Guess I know what I’ll be ordering off of Amazon today.