Identify this 80's cartoon about giant robot space cowboys - yes, I'm bieng serious.

Can anybody help me identify this 80’s era cartoon? My friends are convinced I’m crazy and Google is convinced that I’m thinking of something called “Cowboy Beebob”.

I distinctly remember a Japanese cartoon (I think it was Japanese anyway) rather like “Voltron”, only with a western theme. I seem to recall the heroes rode robot horses and had a spaceship that transformed into a giant robotic cowboy, complete with a giant robot-sized cowboy hat and a revolver – yeah, even at twelve I knew this was retarded.

Anybody have any idea what this might be?

In the words of Strong Bad: “Japanese cartoons are weird, man”.

It’s a real cartoon, if I’m thinking of the one you’re thinking of. The last of the “Mazinger” series. Not a Mazinger, but it came after UFO Robo Grendizer. I should know the name, but I’m blanking.

Aha. Took forever. Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs.

Ha! Thanks E-Sabbath! Yep. that’s it alright. And even weirder than I remembered.

Saaaaberrrrr RRRidderrrrrr and the star sheriffs… in the sky!!!

At least thats how I think the theme song went…

I thought this was gonna be about Bravestarr
( for the uninitiated)