Identify this actor (Herman in Coal Miner's Daughter)

At the beginning of the 1980 film Coal Miner’s Daughter, there’s a scene where Tommy Lee Jones’s character drives a car up a steep hill. A coal miner named Herman looks on skeptically. Though it’s a speaking part, Herman isn’t listed in the film’s credits, nor is the part listed on IMDb.

The actor looks familiar to me but I can’t put a name to the face. Can anyone identify him? Here’s a film still showing Herman.

At first I thought the actor might be Gary Cole, but the eye colour doesn’t match.

It’s Larry from Larry, Darryl and Darryl.

Don’t remember the actor’s name though.

William Sanderson. Goooooood evening, JF.

Prolific character actor William Sanderson.

He was also prominent in the HBO series “Deadwood”.

And, of course, memorable as J. F. Sebastian in Blade Runner.

I make friends.

Love that guy.

I always have high hopes for a show/movie if I see him.

Thanks for the prompt replies! It turns out I was wrong about the character’s name—Herman is actually one of Loretta’s brothers. (I was confused because just before he leaves in his first scene, a voice off-screen yells something like, “Come on, Herman, let’s go”. Turns out the voice was talking to another off-screen character.) And having rewatched the film just now, Sanderson does get billing before the credits roll.

As the unnecessarily articulate EB Farnum.

Right, his character’s name is Lee Dollarhide as listed in the IMDB credits.