Identify This Item (Locket, Watch, Trincket, Something?)

Ok, I have in my hand slightly weathered metal object.

The size/shape of a coin but alot thicker and bulbous, about one inch in diameter, with a little wire loop coming out off the top (looks like it’s meant to be attached to a chain or something). It is relatively heavy somewhere between 1oz and 2oz on my postal scale. It has a slit along the perimiter, suggesting it might be designed to be opened, or might be just a manufacturing seam.

Here comes the interesting part, the imprint on both sides is the two sides of the british Elizabeth II Half-Crown 1962 coin.

What is this? Why was it made? Where can I find out more about it?

Thank you,

  • Groman

P.S. If I don’t get any replies in a couple days I’ll take some pictures and post them.

Sounds like a watch fob.

If it is, how do I open it?


Here’s a photo I took of it, it’s not very good quality but it should give you an idea of what it is.

Thank you very much

I don’t think a photo would work to get it opened. . . uh. . . oh, wait!
Never mind.

I don’t think it’s meant to be opened. I don’t see the hinge a locket would have. It’s probably hollow inside to keep the weight down, which may indicate that it was originally designed as a necklace. If it’s solid, and heavy, then I’d go with the fob theory.

Probably a locket or a fob. The metal is copper-nickel. Halfcrowns were done away with when decimalization occured in 1970.

If it were a locket, it would have a place to open. It looks as if someone took two coins and managed to reshape and join them all around somehow. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I think it’s lovely.

This is way obvious, but have you tried to ‘unscrew it’ at the seam? Because my first guess would be that it is a slightly ornamental way to carry around some pills you want to have handy, whether nitroglycerin or artificial sweetener.

Unscrewing it is a good idea to try. It may also pry apart.

Have you tried pushing on the loop at the top, too? Sometimes that releases the catch.

You could take it to a jeweler to see if they can get it open.