Identify this music

I’ve noticed a certain bit of music often used in trailers for “epic”-type movies, notably for LotR:Fellowship of the Ring, the War of the Worlds, and this BSG video. Anyone know what it is?

Carmina Burana. That’s my guess. I can’t play the link, but it gets used a lot, even for movies that have completely different music from their trailers.

The music to which you refer is from “Requiem for a Dream.” It has been used in various versions in many trailers.

More info is here.

btw, I just realized that the music in the link is not the same as those in the trailers - I was confusing the FotR and TTT trailers. I meant to inquire about the music used in the two trailers. It’s still a cool link, though.

There were several trailers for “Fellowship of the Ring” and “The Two Towers.” Without a link to a specific trailer, I can’t imagine how we can guess which music you want.

You might browse through these titles to see if anything rings a bell: