What is the name of the music in the LotR TT trailer?

(which sadly is not in the film)

I have also heard the same tune (but played very differently) on an ad for ‘Angel’ (buffy spinoff)

What is it? I must know.

It’s the theme from Requiem For a Dream. It wasre-orchestrated for the trailer, which is why it sounds different.

Thankyou SmackFu. That’s all I needed to know. Grokster here I come.

While we’re at it, anybody know what the music was from the Fellowship trailers? The shorter teaser, and then the full length trailer – each used different music, but neither was in the film.

The one from the larger trailer sounds familiar, but it’s not coming to mind…

And what was the music used in the trailer for Tomorow Never Dies (specifically the music playing while the classic looking-down-the-barrel-of-a-gun-at-bond bit was happening?

16 seconds til I have requiem for a dream… (grokster)

isn’t life great. we can get any music we want for free.

especially for music lovers. I used to be someone that wondered why everyone was obsessed with music. Now I am a passionate lover of music. I guess I wasn’t hearing the right music as a youngster.

Ixnay on the ilefareingshay.

I think the name of the song is Lux Aeterna (“Eternal Light”) for GQ purposes.

Otherwise…Lobsang, dude! You’ve been here long enough to know better!

What? If I like what I download I always go out and buy the bloody album.

Are you actually going to suggest that it’s anyone’s business but mine what I do with my computer and internet connection??!

No. Instead I am going to suggest that it is someone’s business, in particular my business what you do with the Chicago Reader’s intellectual property – which is to say this website.

You are not to solicit information which you intend to use to break the law. Period. You have some argument about why this or that – I don’t care. Just ask the title of the song and shut up.

Or you will lose your posting privileges.

Oh. And this is asked and answered.