Identify this peice of music

I think I already know what it is, but I’m basically just looking for confirmation.

The most recent place I’ve seen it is in the trailer for “Sunshine” [link here ]. (The song starts at about a minute in.) It’s been in numerous other trailers and advertisements.

I think it’s from Requiem for a Dream, as I’ve got the soundtrack and it at least implies that all the music is original. The song’s title on the soundtrack is “Lux Aeterna.” Though the major theme of the song is strung throughout the entire soundtrack, the Lux Aeterna version seems to be the most complete, entirely done with an orchestra, and no mixing with other instruments.

So did this song originate with Requiem for a Dream, or is there an earlier instance of it and did the composer from RfaD borrow it and remix it to call it his own?

Their site says it’s Nettwerk Music Group’s “Requiem for a Tower”, which is a “remake of the remake of the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ version of ‘Requiem for a Dream’ by Clint Mansell.”

I’m going completely off of memory here, so I could be wrong, but I believe it was composed by Clint Mansell specifically for Requiem for a Dream (the entire soundtrack is his own original composition).

Was the original Requiem for a Dream version for string quartet (specifically the Kronos), rather than the later popular orchestral reworking?

You know, not for nothing, couldn’t you find a better trailer to force me to watch to hear this music? I’m come on man! I didn’t need see that!