Identify this Whatsit

Squeeze me, baking powder, I forgot the ‘in’ !!


I wonder is the wood maybe ‘bamboo’?

I’m pretty sure it’s one of the critical components in a turboencabulator.

The OP says the diameter is about 2.5" so that only works for a very small pot.

Obviously none of you are familiar with the care and feeding of elephants.

I’ve seen them eat oak branches.

Could it serve to be a cable hook?

Mug cover to prevent flying things from getting into your tea? Think beer stein lid. I know you don’t want to be behind an elephant when he lets fly with the dung…

It sure looks like bamboo to me. Which would lead me to think it is some kind of Asian cuisine serving or cooking tool, probably for serving.

It doesn’t have to be functional or practical, just stylistic and simple.

How about a dumpling press?

I can see it being used to convey tiny bowls to table at a restaurant so that the waiter doesn’t touch your ginger slices.

I could see it used on one of those sushi bar conveyor belts.

I thought of it while finishing up a game of Three Cornered Pitney…

It is obviously a piece of art a la The Gridball Hypotheses.

Or maybe it is a fromitz board?

You’re both wrong. I am the coaster camp! :confused::rolleyes:

Or 65-Man Klonkball?

So camp-y!

P.S. I like the beer stein cover idea.

Man, dildos sure got weird in the last year.

Exhibition Shirling.

Well … whoever is the “coaster” camp … here I come … may God have mercy on your soul …