Identify this Whatsit

I have a part-time job at a weird and wonderful store called Everything Surplus. The other day, we got in a bazillion of these things, and none of us can figure out what the heck they are. The round part is about 2.5" in diameter. The tab/handle/hook is about 3/4" wide. There is nothing on the back of the circular part that would indicate that it is to be hung on a wall.

Does anyone know what this thing is?

Drink coaster?

Whatever it is, I can totally see why it ended up surplus.

Does the protruding hook part seem like it would be strong enough to bear weight?

It looks like a coat hook intended to be glued directly to a wall - but if the ‘hook’ part isn’t strong enough for that, it must be a handle.

If it’s a coaster, then I reckon it’s intended to carry something that is too hot to pick up on its own - maybe like a soufflé ramekin or something

I think it’s more likely a hook. The handle is an awkward shape and wrong angle for carrying something.

Do you still have the box or boxes they came in? There might be some helpful information on them. Even if it’s just the name of the manufacturer or distributor we might be able to learn something from their website (if they have one).

If it was a hook, I’d expect the circular plate to be above the hook, not below it. Perhaps this was a manufacturing defect, and that’s why they’re surplus?

It’s not very well designed as a hook, either. At the very least I’d have rounded off the corners of the hook so it didn’t snag the fabric of whatever was hooked on it.

My first thought is that it’s some sort of tabletop catapult; put something on the round part, then slap the handle down and send it flying across the room. Hours of fun for the whole family! Try selling them in pairs with a bag of marbles.

Is the circular part very heavy, as if you could hang something on the hook and it would be supported?

Nah, I got nothin’.

How is the handle/hook attached? Is it just glued on? If so, it wouldn’t be strong enough to use as a hook or handle supporting anything with any weight to it.

Looks to me like it might be some thing to put under a furniture leg to protect the floor or carpet.

Somebody’s idea for an individual platter for serving something light - maybe a cheeseboard?

Put it in a bin marked “Free” and if somebody takes one, ask them what the hell they want it for.

It looks to me like a part of something bigger, so it might be difficult to determine its intended function.

It seems unlikely to me that it was designed to carry anything (or if so, it was poorly designed). Nothing prevents things from sliding off the edge. And carrying a drink on that thing would require a lot of dexterity.

I am the 'coaster ’ camp.

Could it be a trivet? The “handle” keeps you from burning yourself while you carry it to the table under the pot.

Could it be something used in 43-Man Squamish?

No, I am the 'coaster ’ camp!

Whoa! Haven’t heard that name in many, many moons. Thanks for the memory!