Idiot Co-Workers / Peers

I’m pissed!
We (the class) had to do a lab write-up for Chemistry. My partner whom I’ll call Patrick ('cause that’s his name) said that he would do the lab, if he can see my data. So yesterday, I let him borrow my lab notebook so he could get the data (which he should already have). Today I get my lab notebook back, and I ask him, “Did you do the lab?” and he says, “Yup”. So later on I ask to see it. He says, “Well, I left it at home, but it’ll be ready tomorrow. Also, there were a few mistakes I needed to correct.” I say OK, fine. Later on, he admits that the entire lab is somehow “messed up”, and he asks me to do it (even though we had already agreed he would do the lab this time). I tell him that I need him to E-mail me what he has and I’ll take a look at it. He says fine, and I come home expecting an E-mail from him with the lab. Of course, no such E-mail arrived. So now I have talked to our other lab partner and we have agreed that He and I will do it together, even if it means that it will be a day late (meaning a top grade of 90). Patrick’s name might just be missing from the final lab. :wink:

So who pissed you off today?

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No one pissed me off today. :)!!! But I always hated having “partners” in Chem lab. I always ended up doing the work and they could float on my grade. I explained this to the prof and he watched a few labs. He saw it too. He paired me up with another person who was into chem and not just fucking off. Try that and see if it might work for you. Otherwise, leave his name off. If he’s not doing the work, he shouldn’t get the credit.


The Backstreet Boys.

I was coming home from dinner and dropping off my son at the in laws, thinking, " It’s nearly 7pm, there will be no traffic on 1-75 north and it will be a 20 minute fly by the seat of my pants drive home so I can watch Jeopardy! and tape a PBS special at 8pm"

I could see the traffic on I-75 backed up, so I took an alternate figuring I would be bypassing an accident. My alternate ( for those in Michigan) was to M59, took me out into the same clusterfuck of traffic on 75. Stuck on the road, I tried to by pass it by getting off and taking a local ( and longer, but it moves) road. Well, after committing to that, it was bumper to bumper. Finally it dawns on me that either the Pistons or someone really big is in concert at the Palace. 35 minutes and moving about 1/10 of a mile, I see a couple of (sarcasm alert) honest looking men selling t-shirts in the crammed road. Back Street Boys. I don’t even like BSB, much less know their songs, and I’m being punished by them.Thus I begin smiting them openly.

So, I get home 3 minutes after 8pm, in time for the PBS special. So it does have a happy ending.

So this guy promises me he wants me to make his website for him. The charge was going to be relatively high for a reasonably complicated compilation of stuff, mixed with a ton of scanning. I was looking forward to the money coming in.

And then this fucking University comes up with this fucking killer of an idea - advertise for FREE web design by students so that they can learn the ropes.

I have a feeling that, just like the aforementioned guy, everyone is going to abandon my ship and my life will go down the toilet.

Life sucks.

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Ouch Guano, that really bites. But look on the bright side. You should know that quality web design takes a while to learn. I think some of those people will come crawling back when they find that the aformentioned students are clueless once they get into the complicated stuff that “FrontPage” won’t do…Best of Luck.

That rotten piece of shit that ratted on me for net usage found out today her job is being eliminated.


Bitch got exactly what she deserves.
Because of her, EVERYONE lost all internet access.

Cheer up young sandibel…what goes around, comes around.



Well, I am sitting there, doing my homework to the call of “Hey (insert random polish last name here)!” to turn around and see my name in a heart with a fellow classmate, also male. Of course it was the Jocks, at work again with their gradeschool pranks. So I ignore them, only to feel their rank presence at my back. So I stand up, push the desk to the side (which slid a good 5 feet) with 2 fingers, challenge them to a fight then and there, and they chicken out. So I sit down, no big deal.

Later in the period they started again, so I said if they didnt want to fight dont give me reason to beat the living dirt out of them. So of course they had to defend their ‘pride’. One of them swung at me only to have me catch their hand, jam his forefinger into his palm enough to make it bleed freely, and then punch him in the face. He stumbled back, no one else tried to attack. I didnt even get in trouble…the teacher agreed with me. stellar The rest havent, and probably wont, bother me again.
“Never underestimate anyone.” maybe people should hear that phrase…
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Sorry sweetie…I saw that episode of Happy Days, and the Fonz DID get in trouble.

(kidding, dont get your knickers in a twist!)

Whooh… somebody has sexual identity issues if he’s gonna get that worked up about being thought in love with another guy. Why take it as an insult?

counterattackii’s gay! counterattackii’s gay!
and he’s a dumb polock!

Hell is Other People.

OK number one- I did not get pissed off because they called me gay. I was pissed off because they crowded around me, and I felt slightly threatened. Number two- I do not put up with people who think they can push me around. Number three- I would rather be a ‘dumb polock’ than anything else. everything else being ignorant in nature- just how many Polocks do you hear about that childishly insult others for no reason…? Not too many. There is always a reason, usually a good one…

Wash, Rinse, Maim.

Currently we can’t get personal phone calls because a few people had kids that called up constantly to say “Ma, duffus is looking at me. Tell them to stop.”. Parent’s fault on this policy.

Now all the vistors have to register at the reception desk. I can’t wait to see the two year olds scrible in crayon in the register. The families come to see mom or pop at break time. I work in a very small company, and this is axcessive Bull Shit.

You also get randomly told you can’t do this, when everybody else can and does.

Everyone has heard about the idiot girl I work with in other threads, but this week (and only a 3 day one, at that!) has really taken the cake. On Monday, she comes back from lunch late and tells the Dr. that she’s going to have to leave early because she has to go see a doctor in Castro Valley (about an hour away) because there’s something in her eye. She tried to go during lunch but the doctor wasn’t there and they told her to go to CV. “I’m so unlucky!” she wails as we roll our eyes. Next day she’s wearing her glasses instead of contacts and we are repeatedly told how dorky she feels in them. (But don’t you feel that way all the time, dear?) The story comes out that she’s had this lump in her eye for TWO WEEKS and she chose to ignore it because she thought it was JUST a shard of glass or something (what the?!?!?!) and it turns out it’s a blood clot from never taking her lenses out. So she spent all the rest of the day bitching about how she has to wear her “dorky” glasses for 3 weeks and take some perscription, which she “hasn’t bothered to pick up yet” (waves hand in the air like “so what?”) Tuesday she asks us for the jillionth time what we’re doing for New Years and since we’re grown-ups who couldn’t care less we tell her. “Nothing, what the hell for? What difference does a new year make when it’s going to be the same boring crap all over again?” She then goes into a breathless tale about how Y2K is going to mess up all the sewer treatment plants and we’re going to die from all the bacteria. (groan!) Wednesday we hand in our timecards. I had already alerted the office manager to make a mental note of when she actually comes and goes, and what she puts on her timesheet because I’d noticed on days when I’d sent her home early (for my own sanity) at say, 4:45 she’d still put she left at 5. Well she hands in her card and the office manager says “excuse me, Judy, but I believe you left at 3:15 on Monday to go to the doctor. You have written down that you left at 5.” She looks at her and shrugs “Oh, I just put down what Betsy does.” Like it’s no big deal! Arrrgh! Even the simple concept of being paid for the hours you work is beyond her. Thank goodness for the holiday, or I woulda killed her for sure by the end of the week.

Vogue - persecute the stupid. For fun or profit. Isn’t there any way you can get $$$$ from the ditz? Blackmail for not mentioning the timecard discrepencies, maybe?

I’m much less tolerant of the idiots around me and I will happily set them up for embarassment as well as financial disadvantage.

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I’ve decided to just be as blatently mean to her as I can until she quits. She’s not picking up on the subtle stuff like my leaving the room when she starts to talk to me. I’m going to have to go “high-school” on her and say crap like “We all hate you! Why don’t you quit so we can hire someone who’s not an imbicile and actually does some work?” She always goes out for lunch, otherwise I’d just poison her. (No! Not really!)

OK, my roomie. There’s just so much not to love.
The kid is, basically, an idiot. I mean stupid. Not in a nice way, not necessarily in a mean way, but the guy is dumb. And his parents are loaded and seem like nice, intelligent people, which somehow makes it all the more irritating. He’s ADD (ritalin and all) so I can excuse a lot (I have a little cousin who’s ADHD, so I’m relatively well prepared for it) but some stuff is just above and beyond being explained away by ADD.

First week: he loses his keys. Not on campus, where they might get found, but somewhere in Georgetown (the section of DC, not the school). They want $50 to change the locks. So he pays for that. Fine. The next week, he loses his ID card ($15 replacement). Now he can’t go to meals, do laundry, etc. Not my problem, just illustrates what I’m talking about. A week goes by, nothing else turns up missing. Last week, his wallet’s gone. Again, somewhere in Georgetown. Now he’s really broke, no ID at all, no nothing. So the weekend he’s supposed to go home, he can’t. Bummer for me.

OK, so i mentioned he’s rich. He lives in the Hamptons, and used all the money he made working over the summer to buy his $1000 Bose stereo. Then he decides to save all our soda cans for the nickels, because he’s broke. It doesn’t occur to him to save some cash by not buying the damn soda in the first place. Another example, same principle. The first week, and he’s bitching about how he doesn’t have enough clothes. Like, really pissed off, literally yelling about how he’s gotta call his parents and demand money for more clothes, or for them to send him some, etc., etc. Then he shows me the three CDs he bought that day. 3 CDs x $17 = $54 = a whole shitload of t-shirts. Am I right? I dunno, I wear lots of fruit-of-the-loom, hanes, whatever, and they seem to work fine. He has no concept of money whatsoever. He loses his wallet, and his dad gives him at least $300, just for survival. He burns through it in about 4 days. Shitloads of CDs, eating out, everything. Not too mention the night he went out with like $120 in his pocket, got very drunk (per usual) and somehow lost it all. So now he’s broke again. It’s amazing to me. I haven’t gone through $300 in the 5 weeks I’ve been here, and I’ve been grocery shopping for food in the room and stuff (OK, I spend too much on alcohol, but bottles in the dorm go really fast, usually at $20 a bottle, and drinks at clubs are insane…when I saw jimmie’s chicken shack I paid $4 for a screwdriver!).

He has a brand spankin new, extremely expensive computer, which he treats like shit. All he uses it for is to play stupid games (not even good games that I could possibly respect him for). And since he’s always broke, he hasn’t had the cash to buy a network card for his computer yet. Which means he needs to use mine to check his email. Not a real big deal, but still annoying. I’m glad I thought to put a screensaver password on the machine when I set it up, or he’d be using it every time I left out of the room. Not that he would know how to install the damn network card when he gets it. I just know it’s gonna be me crawling around under his desk with a screwdriver trying to plug it in.

OK, the smell. Like 2 weeks ago I started to notice this weird smell. Almost like oregano or something. At first I thought somebody passed him oregano as bud, and didn’t say anything, but it got worse and worse as time went on. After like 5 days nobody else would come into the room, it was terrible. I figured he had a pizza box (or possibly pizza slice) stashed somewhere in the warzone that covered his side of the room (that’s another thing…I’m not neat, but I throw my clothes in the hamper, i pretty much stack up my books, you can walk on my side of the room. He’s a goddam slob; I have to kick a path to the door in the morning to get out to the shower. Pisses me off.) but he swore there wa no pizza, he’d looked, even under his bed (he was taking a nap and the fire alarm went off, so he decided to hide under the bed when the RA came around to look rather than walk down six flights of stairs). One day, he goes, “I figured it out! It’s my laundry!” like that’s good news. So he did his laudry and the smell dissappeared, but as of yesterday it’s starting to come back. We’ll see.

Other, more random stuff that bothers me. The tape thing, which you so elegantly described in your last mail. The fact that he doesn’t come back to the room at night on weekends is fine, except that his parents call almost every fucking morning. I refuse to pick up the phone before noon. I’m sick of them. They mean well, they’re always bailing him out of whatever he screwed up on lately, but still, they’re waking me up and no, I don’t know where he is, how should I? The last time I saw him he was stumbling around on the quad, slurring invitations to any girl who walked by. He never stops fucking talking to me, even when I’m clearly busy: headphones plugged in, typing a paper, books and notebooks spread out all around me, and he’s gotta, right now, at this very minute, show me the picture of next year’s cadillac in the popular mechanics mag he just bought. Hate that. I know it’s the ADD, but still, he’s eighteen years old, you’d think he’d remember to take his dam ritalin. Oh, another thing, the headphones/speakers situation is pretty much like you described it in your room, so I know where you’re coming from.

I realize now I forgot some stuff, notably the “moving out” saga. Gregg decides to move in with his buddy Zack downstairs. Wonderful. But it turns out there’s a “problem” with Zack’s roommate. So it’s postponed. They say they’re gonna “lean on him.” Then it’s on again. Then there’s another problem. But Gregg says, I shit you not, “It’s cool, we’re gonna get the Godfather to help us out.” I started laughing. Then he says, “No, the Godfathers this kid on campus who takes care of things like this.” I literally fell down I was laughing so hard. But he still lves here, so it’s not that funny anymore.

Forgot a couple other little thngs that piss me off. He smacks his lips. Not like once after having a shot, like four or five times after every sip of iced tea. And as if it weren’t bad enough as is, he does it in his sleep. I could kill him. And then, there’s just the highlighting of how much money he throws around. Bitching about how much drycleaning costs, because he only has two pairs of pants to wear because his tailor fucked up on the couple pairs he was gonna bring down. I don’t spend more than $20 on a pair of sunglasses, cuz I don’t trust myself not to lose them or crush them or something. He’s bitches cuz he can’t find his “other Oakleys.” I know it’s petty of me, but still.

Well there’s the whole cigar thing, i don’t think I told you. First off, my dad smokes them, i have on occasion, so I don’t think it’s all that big a deal. 80% of campus smokes cigarettes, and it sux, a lot of times half the party moves outside en masse to have a smoke, etc. So I thought, what the hell. Ed (lives next door) got a couple and we smoked those, then when I was home I bummed a couple off my dad. Upon my return, Gregg wants to buy them from me. He claims to be addicted to cigars now. I dunno, the point of a cigar is to smoke it at the end of the day, kick back, talk, kill a half an hour. He friggin chain-smokes them all day, with people or by himself, out on the quad. Kills me. Oh wait, get this: guess what Wonderboy bought today.

First, a whole shitload of cheap, 5-for-$1 cigars. Fine.
Second, a $50 lighter, with a cutter in the end. Pushin it, but I guess that’s ok, I can sorta see that.
Finally, a 5-pack of good cigars, which cost, before tax,

I couldn’t believe it. Why? Makes no sense at all. I can’t justify spending more than 3 on a single cigar, I don't care how good it is, and even then to save it for a really special occasion. The .50 ones are much more my speed.

And he still uses my computer because he claims he’s too broke to go

That last post was a pre-packaged rant I’ve sent out as email. Sorry if there are some seemingly random sentences in there, I was just reading it over and realized I should have edited it first. My bad.

Sorry to be off the subject but…KeyStream= you can put a password on Dos so whenever the computer boots up, you have to enter it. When you start your computer, press the <Delete> Key to go into your Dos startup menu, and there is a Put Password option (something like that, its easy to find) put in your password and voila! He cant turn on the computer w/o entering the password, and there are no way around it. just be sure you dont forget it, or you’re screwed…

I meant delete key. Damn this site is touchy… I put delete in < and > brackets. Oh well, at least now I know for next time.

-Wash, Rinse, Maim.

Keystream. Wy do you let him abuse you like this. I sympathize only to the pont that you cease allowing yourself to be his doormat. Password protect your system. Tell him clearly to stay off your phone unless he has your permission. And set up some mutually agreed upon ground rules for living. If he won’t agree, then take other action. Every college or university I have ever been associated with has had procedures in place to resolve student disputes. Use them.

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