Idiot drivers beware. Or be famous.

An online outlet for road rage

What a great idea! I LOVE it! And the best part is, apparently there have already been people who’ve found themselves on that site. I’m already composing one about the guy with the Jesus fish and “Christ saves” sticker who tried to run me off the road this morning, then flipped me off when it didn’t work.

Here is an idea a friend of mine came up with while studying some of the deeper questions, of life, until we passed out, and nearly suffered alchoholic poisoning…

Provide drivers the option of leaseing a paint gun from their local DMV… Each driver would recieve 50-100 paint pellets with a color “registered” solely to them. Every time they saw a bad driver, they would be legally entitled to shoot the offending vehicle with a paint pellet. A car that was piebald with a rainbow of splotches would be 1) Highly visible, and provide warning of an ignoramus motorist, and 2) Police would be happy to check out /pull over such a vehicle.

Of course, In L.A. they have already adopted a simular idea, but use real bullets instead of paint pellets…

My version of it is all cars having a video camera that records continuosly. Every time you se an infraction, you push a button and the last 5 minutes of the recording are sent to the police.

This site has been doing this service for years, for Atlanta drivers. It’s pretty funny, but I don’t think it’s maintained anymore.


In our version, if you had six or more splotches, the police could pull you over and issue a “you’re obviously an asshole” ticket.