Karma bites angry driver in the butt.

I love this video. Angry tailgater speeds past car and flips her the bird. Then his truck slides off the wet road and crashes into a light pole. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

All caught on video. The guy left the scene but cops arrested him later at home.

karma is a bitch sometimes. Sure glad this loser didn’t hit any other cars or hurt anybody.

You bastard. (insert friendly smiley face here)

I just saw this on a friend’s website and was about to post this.

Original YouTube here.

My thoughts are thus: I freely admit I would have wanted to get around a ‘slower driver’ in the left lane, even if they were still passing other vehicles. However rain slicked roads and the fact they were going to turn left soon anyway are both reasons to drive slower than I like. As such I would have waited until there was a safe time to pass and then done so, just like I have done thousands of times in the past, without wrecking or endangering others.

The finger flying fool flew fearlessly from freeway to turnpike’s trench totally upon his own actions.

With regards to taping the event the driver was not looking at the phone, just guessing at angles, which is about as dangerous as eating a burger or changing the radio while driving.

Lucky the other loser didn’t kill somebody while she was slowing traffic in the left lane and taking a video of the obvious consequences.

Its just another case of one asshole bragging about somebody else being an asshole.

God bless the British Daily Mail, our top source for Florida breaking news.

She was going to make a left turn. So she said.

But yes, her recording it was also dangerous.

And these two notes from the article is the reason that I claim that there were two assholes involved instead of one.

The women claimed that the slick roads made driving cautiously a mandate yet she apparently wasn’t too worried about the added distraction of freeing up one hand to start up the video recorder on her phone. And I challenge the thought that video recording is as simple as pushing the radio buttons.

I assumed the lady started recording just in case the other driver did something worse. Road rage incidents have resulted in people being driven off the road, beaten, or even shot.

It was smart to get the incident recorded.

This will probably be one of those ‘agree to disagree’ moments. I don’t believe holding a phone up and not attempting to look through it (as evidenced by the fact the shot is not centered on the truck at all times, more guessed at) is particularly distracting.

And I think the fact the truck driver can’t manage to wave the salute without wrecking speaks volumes on his driving abilities, and helps demonstrate how slick it actually was. Most of us mastered that act by age 17.

I just can’t work up the ire at “driving slower than I want to in the left lane” folks like I used to. I did in the past, but now I’ve come to terms with the fact that the world just doesn’t work the way I want it to, and I’m gonna have to deal with it.

The guy didn’t just flip the bird while passing. He sped up and slowed down a couple times to make certain his message was received. He got what he deserved.

Yeah, I’m a prick. Sue me.

If it really can’t be helped (there’s too much traffic in the lane to your right to move over, or you will be turning left very soon), then it can’t be helped. But I think it’s bad practice to stay in the left lane and force people to pass you on the right.[sup]*[/sup] My disapproval doesn’t rise to the level of ire, though, and the guy in the truck was very much the bigger asshole here.

  • There are places where passing on the outside like that (right in Germany, left in the UK) is a big-time no-no. I had a boss who had grown up in Britain and even though he’d lived here for years he said he still couldn’t get used to.

As far as I’m concerned, if it’s a road with actual left turn lanes like this one, there is no “fast lane” and zero obligation to move over for tailgating assholes.

I’ve been in a similar situation where a guy in a Ford Bronco was riding my bumper for a a quarter mle or so as I was coming up to a left-lane freeway onramp. As we got to within a couple of blocks of the onramp, a car in front of me slowed to make a left turn and I tapped my brakes…and he had to slam on his brakes hard to avoid hitting me. He lost control of the Bronco for a second and almost flipped it…and boy was he pissed! He caught up with me on the freeway and made like he was going to sideswipe me while gesticulating madly. I avoided eye contact and moved over a lane to avoid him and finally he sped off to tailgate his next victim. I guess I was lucky that he didn’t pull out a gun.

I love the picture of the guy - if I had to go through a ton of photos to find one of a guy who looks like he’d do exactly what that guy did, that would be the one I’d choose. People not afraid to be stereotypes for the win! (And by “win,” I mean “lose.”)

There’s also the possibly apocryphal tale of a road raging mother & daughter flinging shit at a trucker.

Yeah, if there were a “road rage poster boy”…

I bet he never imagined, as he was tailgating and flipping off another driver— something he’s probably done before, and thought nothing of— that this time it would lead him to (perhaps brief) international fame.

She seemed to be driving her lane awfully well for being distracted. Also got the speedo, wonder what was the posted limit.

Her left turn was very close to where the guy passed her. Seemed to be other traffic around also.

Hummm, 'Go Pro ™on a head band…

I’ve decided that, the next time I get a car, it will have a dash cam.