Idiots who insert political comments in non-political topics

Doesn’t matter what the subject matter is; Disney movies, Car repair or School Bake Sales these guys will use it as an opportunity to attack their political opponents for no apparent reason.

The vast majority of the time I’ve noticed it’s done by conservatives who seem to take every chance to try and “own the libs”. Do these people live in some bizarre world where liberals haunt every dark corner and need to have their nefarious deeds exposed?

Honestly on this board, I’ve seen Liberals do it more often if anything. But that is partially as the Conservatives are heavily outnumbered at this point.

On other sites, it does seem to be more Conservatives (especially Trumpers) that do this crap.

YouTube comment sections seem to be the worst for it.


Does this qualify?



So you’ve gone back in time to tell people about the 21st century. Everything you say is true, but they think you’re a crazy person. What truths do you speak?

Here’s mine:
In the future, your friends will send you pictures of what they had to eat last night. And if you don’t indicate you like it, they will get sad.

Turned political:


In Canadian newspaper online comments, every article, and I mean EVERY ONE turns into multiple rants about how much they hate Trudeau. I mean, it could be an article about blueberry muffins and the third comment in will be all about how Trudeau is at fault for the poor blueberry crop this year, or something as equally stupid.

My local NextDoor group is right up there. Almost always done by MAGA types. They also invariably comment on any topic with the observation the poster would be better off if he/she owned more guns.

There was nothing in that OP that said it wasn’t “political”.

I think telling someone in 1985 how far this country has gone politically is valid. I wouldn’t have believed it at the time.

Eh, I was hoping for more funny stuff like with social media, phones, etc. But if people want to post political stuff I guess that’s fine albeit depressing.

I could see how it might qualify but it wasn’t what I had in mind when I made the topic. It was actually inspired by a YouTube video on porch pirates with one comment saying “probably a liberal”. Just happened to be the straw that broke the camels back.

I think Bertolt Brecht had a good take on this when he noted that “art is a not a mirror held up to reflect society, but a hammer with which to smash it.”
Quoth the idiot.

One doesn’t even have to get into the really depressing parts about it. It would be enough to tell people that Donald Trump won the 2016 election and Joe Biden (having already run twice and done poorly in the Democratic primaries) won the 2020 election. Without even mentioning their political positions and the sorts of problems they were dealing with as POTUS, people would have thought you crazy.

Brecht was a communist rather than an anarchist so I think the quote was, “Art is not a mirror for reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.”

That is a better rendition. I was carried away with revolutionary fervor

Did know that Jesus loves you? Will you stop what you’re doing right now, get on your knees, and pray with me?

Ecclesiastes 1:18

For in much wisdom is much vexation, and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.

My experience is that both sides do it. It’s almost as though people can’t see anything except through a partisan political lens anymore.

Jabs about “wokeness” seem to be one of the most common non sequiturs.

Someone feels the need to comment that a hypothetical hyper-woke person is about to tell us we’re not allowed to specify white rice or whatever.

(I’m ranting about forums in general, probably the Dope suffers from this less than most, but I have seen mod warnings here about it)

Most right wing people accusing business, or other people, of being “woke” are just using the sanitized way to tell them to “stop being n***** lovers”.

I think that’s a different (and thankfully rarer) issue though.

I’m just referring to the new “Political correctness gone MAD”. That very often shows up where it is not wanted.

Here’s an update on some new bus shelters that have been in the works for just over a decade.

MAGAtroll: “Brandon has Covid.”