IE 7.0 - Insignificant bug

I thought I would post this as an FYI, not because it is causing grief.

I need to click on the forum jump box twice in order for it to display. The first click results in the jump box dropping and displaying for a split second before disappearing. The second click displays the box properly. This occurs everytime I click on the box in IE 7.

This thread sums up my view on IE: the browser itself is an insignificant bug.

Well, first thing’s first: IE 7 is currently in Beta right now, so any problems arising from the use of it are probably due to it being in Beta.

That said, I’ve navigated the boards using IE 7 Beta 2, and I don’t seem to be recreating the problem you’re seeing. I can click on the jump box once and away I go. Do you have the latest Beta?

Thank you for voicing that. I second that.

Times like this, right now a pukey smiley would come in soooo handy.

Hey, I found this great fix for the problem you’re having! :cool:

Funny people :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just playing with IE the same way I play with Vista, I use Firefox most of the time. I’ll dl the latest beta and get back to you SkipMagic.

Works okay here - 7.0.5346.5 - just installed late last week.

I’m still on .5296. I’ll play with this on the weekend.

Thanks for the responses.

The latest IE7 update seems to solve most problems I had with it, although some of the forums I visit which are also graphics intensive seem to freeze intermittantly.