IE and Quicktime

A little while ago I switched from Netscape to Internet Explorer (why is another story), so I downloaded the most recent version of IE, 5.5. It works great, except for one thing: it won’t play Quicktime. I looked it up on the tech support page and it said Quicktime should be compatible with 5.0, but it didn’t mention 5.5. So my questions are:

  1. Does 5.5 just not play Quicktime, or am I doing something wrong?
  2. If not, is it possible to “downgrade” to an earlier version of the browser?
  3. Hi, Opal!

Eh, the only help I can give you would be to say that there are different versions of Quicktime. Maybe you just need to find the version of Quicktime that’s compatible with IE5.5?

You’ve installed a browser after installing QuickTime, so the new browser settings don’t know about QuickTime. Just re-run the QT installer and it will detect the new browser and automatically add its settings. It’s easy. QT will detect that you have a new IE configuration and add its preferences so IE plays QT movies correctly.

Well, I already tried re-downloading and re-installing Quicktime, and it still doesn’t work. Guess I’ll try one more time and see what happens…

Aargh! It still doesn’t work! Anybody have any other suggestions?

domina, try installing a quicktime plugin for the ie browser instead of the stand-alone qt installer.

ok…i’m assuming my next question has a two line answer, so probably not a hijack…

what IS hi opal! at the end of all multiple numbered statements on these boards ? how did it originate ?

Xash, the Opal business is explained here.

By installing it as a plug-in, do you mean downloading and nstalling it via IE itself? Because I did that already. Or do you mean something else?

I’ve heard that some people report better results if they download the Quicktime installer, first using the uninstall feature before doing the reinstall. In any case, the crucial step is telling the installer to set the preferences in your browser. It should ask during install and find any installed browsers and ask if you want to set them for Quicktime use. And of course say yes.

OK, I uninstalled, redownloaded, told it to set for Explorer, and…it still doesn’t work! This is getting almost as frustrating as that May 33rd thing. Possible clue: whenever I try to run Quicktime in the browser, I get a little cluster of geometric shapes in the upper left-hand corner of the area where the movie should be running. A circle, a square and a triangle, I believe. Is this some inscrutable message from Microsoft about what’s going on?