IE Redirect to Yahoo mail

Whenever I open a new window in IE, it will redirect me to Usually the back button will take me back to where I wanted to go, but sometimes the back button is disabled. I checked the stick and did not see this issue. I ran Ad-Aware and it did not fix this (although I am now updating ad-aware to see if a newer version will fix this.) The computer connects to the internet via AOL and it is running McAfee virus scan. Anyone encounter this? Know how to fix this?

Look under “Tools->Internet Options…” and see if you have somehow set Yahoo mail as your home page.

The same thing is happening to me earlier. When I open a new IE window, the message “A pop-up window was blocked” shows up on the bottom bar, and then ALL the open IE windows are forwarded to and it’s starting to irritate me.

I have the newest version of Ad-Aware and it didn’t help me either. Currently loading the latest Spybot updates. I use earthlink and have Norton Anti-Virus. I do have Yahoo toolbar (installed by my ex-roommate) but I’ve had it forever, and have never updated it, and it’s never done this before today.

For me: no. It goes to my home page first, then forwards to Yahoo Mail.

Nope. And I’m not sure why that would matter - this is happening when I open a window from another page. For instance, I have a list of GQ threads. I open one in another window so that I continue to browse the rest of the list. This should not take me to my home page, but to the thread I opened. In any case, no, it isn’t my home page.

Seems to be fixed today, although I don’t know why. I suppose it doesn’t matter, but it kinda bothers me that I don’t know the root of the problem…

I don’t have a solution, but the same thing was happening to me. It is also fixed today.

Do you run Yahoo Messenger on your PC? I closed Messenger down, and that seemed to help. I wondered if it was some sort of bug in that program.

It is actually my Mom’s machine and yes, my sister uses Yahoo messenger. But I shut it down every time I use the machine, even before I log in.

Mine is magically fixed, too. And it has Yahoo Messenger installed (from my former roommate, same one who installed the Yahoo toolbar) but I never use it.

I had this happen at the public computer at work yesterday. IE had the Yahoo Toolbar running at the time. I shut that off and the redirect stopped. I would strongly suggest uninstalling that crapware if you have it, as I am pretty sure that is what’s hijacking the new windows.

You are probably right. Unfortunately, I am a visitor here while I recover from stomach surgery (actually FORTUNATELY, I’m only a visitor :)) so I cannot remove the software, no matter how much I think it should be.