IE shorcut tips(probably re-re-re visited)

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What I’d like is a way to navigate with Uncle Billy Gates between forums without a moose. Anyways, my hot tip of the mornin’…

Type for example: Amazon in the address bar then go: CTRL + Enter and it automatically adds http://www and .com
How bout dat !

Also don’t forget Help > Tip of the Day - as if you would !

I just use the standard ones, because I only use IE at work.
alt-left = back
alt-right = forward
tab = next link
shift-tab = previous link

But your tip is related to my number two annoyance with IE. If you EVER go to a site and put “www” in front of it (like say “”) the autocomplete will bring up “” when you start typing “slashdot”. I don’t”. I want “”. If I wanted the “www” there, I’d have typed it.

My number one annoyance, in case anyone is wondering, is that sometimes the back button just stops working. I guess it’s on break or something.

Hey ! a Nerd, most excellent !

The back button thing is because the site you’re visiting probably has it disabled – it’s their way of not allowing you to leave. The way around it is to click that little arrow between Back and Forward and click the top link…err…maybe you knew that and I’ve got the wrong end of the shitty stick ?

Yeah, that a site can do that sucks too, but I’m referring to an IE bug, not a site-specific thing. Sometimes it happens here on the boards!

The history just disappears. No back, nothing in the little drop down back menu, you were never at that site you remember being at two minutes ago, we have always been at war with Eurasia.

'nother good shortcut: ctrl-n to bring up a new browser window.

TheNerd, I used to have that problem with an older version of IE (can’t remember which one). It was a very annoying bug, to say the least. Upgrade to 5.5 and you won’t experience that anymore.

Hi, L_C. How’s it hangin’? :wink:

Jeg elsker dig, Thomas

That is a way groovy tip. Thanks!
Zette :slight_smile:

CTRL-W closes windows. Very useful for those horrific full-screen pop-ups.

F11 toggles between full-screen and normal windows.

Hey Redhead - Not to shabbily, thanks darlin’ – I’d like to say like a pendulum on a Grandfather clock but, unfortunately, reality bites. I hear you’re getting some soon ? :smiley:

I tried Ctrl-W matt and all that happened was the patio doors slid across – bloody Microsoft. Thanks for F11, though – well handy, init.

Any more for anymore ?
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