If boneless chicken breasts were cheaper than boneless chicken thighs, why would one buy the thighs?

Yesterday at Costco, boneless chicken breasts were a dollar cheaper per kilogram than boneless chicken thighs. They had a big coffin fridge full of each, so obviously thought they would both sell well. I would have thought the only reason to buy chicken thighs over breasts would be to save money; so under these circumstances, why would one buy the thighs?

Um, thighs taste better? I don’t like breast meat, and really only eat thighs, legs and wings if I have the choice.

Flavor. I have always been mystified by the popularity of bland breast meat.

Thighs taste much better, and also stand up to longer cooking without becoming tough and dry. I am not stingy about spending money on food, but when I buy chicken, it’s always thighs.

I like breasts for certain things but thighs are more versatile and I eat a higher fat diet in general. Also, I don’t buy boneless thighs if I can help it. I rarely spend more than 97-99 cents per pound for bone-in and I eat the skin. I do buy boneless chicken breasts when they are on sale around $1.79/lb.

To me, thighs are better for most chicken dishes. So, that.

Thighs taste better, and when I cook breasts, they tend to come out a tad dry.

Having once used breasts in a recipe that called for thighs and was appalled by the dry, bland result I now recognize chicken dark meat as absolutely superior for many delicious recipes.

Chicken breasts are like red delicious apples. People buy them because they look good. But their actual flavor doesn’t live up to their appearance.

Chicken breasts are often dry, no matter who cooks them.

The only thing I do with chicken breasts is slice ‘em into thin cutlets for schnitzel; they become palatable that way, especially if you make a gravy or a sauce or Parmesan them.

I use thighs for everything else requiring meaty parts. I’m doing nachos tonight and chicken Scarpariello tomorrow — just bought a bunch of them at Whole Foods.

Because chicken breasts suck, and everyone pays more for them is a sucker.

To each his own. I prefer chicken breast meat to thigh meat, same thing goes for turkey. I also prefer strip steaks to ribeye steaks, so there.

Thighs are the most flavorful part of the chicken, and it’s almost impossible to overcook them. Thighs are the best part of the chicken for stews, soups, and curries.

I mostly prefer chicken thighs, and that’s all I buy when I buy parts. But when I roast a chicken, the breast meat is so tender and sweet, it’s delightful. The remnants are great in soup.

Thighs taste better. MUCH better.

Ignorance fought. Like Justin Trudeau apologizing for his unfortunate costume choices, I shall humbly seek forgiveness for my prejudice against what turns out to be a very popular part of the chicken. :wink:

Thighs are much better for barbecuing – they take longer the dry out.

Now that we’re empty nesters, we knock off the dark meat and wings when I roast a chicken. The leftover roasted white meat makes great cold chicken sandwiches. Also suitable for casseroles, soups, jambalayas, anything which calls for cooked chicken.

You gotta roast that chicken UPSIDE DOWN for the first half of oven time at least, then flip to breast side-up to brown the skin and finish the roasting. That way, the fat from the dark meat oozes down into the breast and keeps it from drying out.

Cut yourself a break. Boneless thighs DO outsell thighs by approximately 3-1.

Breasts are very lean, and they cook up fast. It’s the Convenience Food of chicken parts.