If ever I get a Tony, you can EAT it, you jerk!

(Note: This is a long story that I’m going to try to condense as much as possible.)

Okay, Mr. Choir/Drama Director, I realize that many times, you are NOT a man of your word. But we’ve always gotten along really well (you’re one of the reasons I want to major in theatre, after all) and I was really looking forward to playing Annie Oakley this spring in Annie Get Your Gun. You do remember promising me that, don’t you?
Then why the hell did you decide on the day you were supposed to start auditions for it that you wanted to change it? I know you changed the musical last year, but that was because Taylor flaked on you and you couldn’t depend on him to pull off the musical you’d chosen for him, so you picked another. That was understandable. However, I have worked my ass off for you; I’ve never missed a rehearsal, and I’ve always been at least 5 minutes early. I’ve always memorized not only MY lines, but other people’s, too, and acted as cue girl when needed. I’ve spent my high school career working up to being a leading role, and when I was finally promised one, you took it away from me.
Where do you get off doing shit to high school kids? I realize college theatre is going to be nothing like this, but you made a promise and you broke it. And I know if we do West Side Story, I won’t be Maria.
Oh, by the way, there are other people who are mad about it, too. Of course, that’s excluding all the fucking freshman girls who’d give you a blowjob for a leading role. Well, I hope whoever gets Maria gives you a good hummer, you lying son of a bitch, because it won’t be me.
Fuck you. I wasted my time for the last four years. Now you say you’ve been meaning to “talk to me about it.” You can fucking find me, because I’m not coming to you. I’m not one of your beloved ass-kissers.
When I make it big, I’ll make sure to rub it your face, and you can feel free to eat your heart out.

It’s got a good beat & I could dance to it…


That sucks, Nocturne. Can I have you’re autograph?

Fuckity fuck fuck FUCK!

Make that: “your autograph”


Nocturne, that really bites. I know whence I speak. As a graduate from a fine arts high school, I can remember all the times the rugs were snatched metaphorically from under my feet.

When you win your Tony, I hope you remember to forget to thank this asswipe. You’re gonna be a STAR! I have SPOKEN! :slight_smile:

Nocturne. I know I could’ve just as easily said this to you on AIM, but… it needs to be said here.

You are wicked talented. I know that when you get to college next year, there will be many roles for you to fill. Whether bit parts or leading lady.

I know this sucks. I’ve had this same crap pulled on me before by a damn professional theatre no less. Just press on with it, and keep being your sweet self, and don’t doubt that you’ve got a whole grippa mad crazy ability. Especially your vocal talents.

Oh, and I normally save this for people who really really piss me off, but your director <cough> asshole <cough> can eat my ass with a pat of butter and some Karo syrup.

Hang in there chic.

Note to self: upon punishment of being totally and irretrievably embarassed, humiliated, and a fuckload of other shitty things, never piss off Nocturne.

{Nocturne} Perhaps some of the other regulars of the drama program would like to know about your lovely director?


I did theatre in high school and college, and dinner theater as a night job between college and law school. I also worked tech at the Kennedy Center here in DC; I mention this to say I’ve been in both Equity and non-union houses.

Sadly, the ability to lie and not care isn’t limited to high school drama – indeed, it’s not limited to drama.

But I noticed that the actors and actresses that were set on being a Tony award winner one day were the ones that dealt with these setbacks philosophically, squared their shoulders, and kept on working. It would be nice to think that every director and producer will treat you with dignity and respect - and the truth. But it won’t happen.

So – that being the case – tell me again why you can’t play Maria, if Natalie Wood could?

  • Rick

Because I’m not a soprano.

Nor am I astoundingly pretty like our foremost sopranos are, but that’s another subject.



Good point.

What’s your range?

  • Rick

This is why I don’t act anymore. Pity, because I really liked it and wasn’t terrible at it.

I was unofficially voted the “most screwed over female” in my high school drama. I put my life and soul (and more time than I spent on anything else) into it, and all I got was one large bad screwing.

Acting sucks. You are constantly subject to directors whims. When you manage to get a good part, you have to live knowing that your collegues would like to kill you. You are pitted in fierce competition with the people your closest to, and the only way to sucess is on the backs of others. There is nothing out there but pain and agony, punctuated by little stolen moments of happiness.

And it only gets worse when there is money involved.

Piss on him. Fucknugget

Comfort yourself with the fact that your director (if your highschool is anything like mine was) is probably some dickweed who didn’t have the talent or balls to go for it in real theatre. (somebody’s gonna flame me 'cause they loved their hs drama coach, oh well, fuck it)

Go one, enjoy the hell out of theatre in college, I did, even as a techie. And remember, even if you don’t get that Tony, what really matters in theatre is the love of it. When you’re doing what you love, fuck the politics. BTW, FUCK West Side Story, hate that show.

thinksnow Funny, I always say it “fuck, fuck, FUCKITY, fuck”. ;D


On my good days, I can hit the C below middle C at the lowest, and the C two octaves above middle C at the highest.

So, on a good day, a three octave range. But, anything above the C an octave above middle C is iffy. Sometimes it sounds good, sometimes it doesn’t. Lots of variables play into how high I can go (whether I’m having a sinus attack, how warmed up I am, the room temperature, etc).

I haven’t totally lost you, have I?