If "evolution" is true...

Then, why do we have bacteria? Shouldnt they evolve too?
Bacterias causes infections in humans, What kind of purpose it that?? Why cant they talk?

Doesnt make much sense when you think about, does it?
No, I dont think they should call it evolution, they should call it EVILution…Because this is an evil hoax.

Yes, bacteria evolved so that they survive well in their ecological niches.

Bacteria are also essential for human beings: Escherichia coli are part of your digestive system. And they can’t talk because they don’t need to, just as you can’t survive inside a mammal’s digestive system because you don’t need to.

Assuming this thread is not a hoax of some kind:

Who says they don’t?

‘Infections’ are lifeforms using a host lifeform to reproduce. That’s the purpose.

They do, you just have to lean way down and listen real close.

The existence of bateria makes perfect sense to me. But then, I’ve actually made an attempt to understand the subject.

What makes it evil, in your view? Is all science evil, or jsut the bits that deal with evolution of lifeforms?

Also, just so we know what the limits of the debate are, is it your position that nothing living changes over time? Because that’s mostly what evolutionary theory addresses, and there is overwhelming evidence to support this notion.

They do and have; faster than we do in fact since they breed faster. You are apparently under the impression that “evolve” means “to become more like humans”; it doesn’t.

It isn’t any stranger than a leopard eating you; we are made of nutritious materials and they are hungry.

No, it’s one of the most well confirmed facts there is. You might as well claim gravity or trees are a hoax.

The process of evolution is not goal orientated. Organisms are “trying” to achieve the highest level of complexity that can be attained. Evolution simply means change, and organisms over time have changed as new environmental conditions have arose. Those changes that benefited the organism generally persist. When an organism has accumulated enough, or significantly different, changes they are considered a new species. If there is limited pressure to change and organism will maintain its characteristics.

Bacteria today evolve. Antibiotic resistance is an example of evolution of bacterial species, so much so that we have developed significant subspecies of existing bacteria. MRSA is a subspecies or S. aureus, a naturally occurring human associated bacteria.

Evolution is neither EVIL or good- it is a description of the observation that species change and differentiate over time.

Assume you meant “aren’t”.

UGH, yes.

I have not achieved the highest level of complexity in proofreading.

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Just in case this is serious…

Bacteria are evolving, constantly. That’s why we get antibiotic resistant strains popping up all over the place, for instance.

The same purpose that all life has, to reproduce and make more copies of its genetic code. Bacteria are pretty good at that, and using our bodies as hosts is simply a valid evolutionary strategy.

…why should they?
There is no selection pressure involved that would select for talking bacteria. To say nothing of the web of changes that would need to place for ‘speech’ to have any meaning within a bacterial colony.

Again, assuming you’re serious, then you are obviously starting from a serious lack of knowledge about what evolution is and how it works. That’s actually quite common in creationists and you’ll find that you should at least understand evolution before you try to falsify it, because otherwise your argument just looks silly. Evolution is as solid a fact as is gravity, it is, simply, undeniable.

Here, why don’t you explain what you think evolution means and how it works? Then we can at least get started fighting your ignorance.

I dont know about those bacteria, they sure dont seem very evolved to me.
I never heard of an intelligent bacteria, but maybe I missed out on something.

Being somewhat of a critical thinker I am not so easily convinced by all them fancy scientists, saying that this false and that is true. Behaving like prophets.

If Im not completely wrong it wasnt that long ago the Scientists told us the earth was flat, or came up with alchemy. Or what about bloodletting?

Case in point: a big shot scientist I saw on TV said they would be able to cure cancer in ten years, Guess what: that was 15 years ago!

Hmm someone has a pretty bad track-record…I think we all should be very sceptic of those “scientists” and not believe everything they say…I also sure would like to know where they get their paychecks from. Seems like someone might have an agenda folks. We need critical thinking, now more than ever.

Well, then, make your case for an alternative explanation for the complexity of life on earth and convince us it’s better than what those EVIL scientists tell us.

Several hundred years is not so long ago? Are you an Immortal?

Do you allow for no margin for error or to be flat out wrong?

You’ve been wrong before therefore everything you have ever said should be ignored.

“Evolved” doesn’t mean intelligent, at least by human standards. It doesn’t mean complex. All it means is striving, over time, to survive and reproduce. It doesn’t mean an organism will change if it has no reason to.

Bacteria are highly successful, and they do change under the right conditions. It’s your concept of evolution which needs some work.

I believe in “evolution” the day we grow wings and have eyes in the back of our heads.

Just so we’re clear, there are many people here who can teach you what evolution actually is, and what evolutionary biology actually says.
You are currently using a fictitious stand-in for what evolution actually means.

If you’d like to be educated, please say so.
Otherwise folks will just assume that you’re Witnessing for your mistaken beliefs, and there’s really not much discussion to be had with someone once they start Witnessing.

I think the day that happens I’d be more inclined to believe in god!

You’ll believe in evolution as soon as there is evidence disproving it? Are you kidding?

Make that over a couple thousands. Ancient Greeks already knew about the Earth being round (as well as there being other round planets out there) as early as 6 centuries before Christ. They even had a pretty decent grasp on its total circumference.

The idea that the world had to wait until Columbus, or Copernicus, or Galileo or whoever to finally puzzle that shit out (or worse, that “scientists” ever went around telling people the world was flat) is nothing but gross ignorance and bad folklore.

Ah, so this is all about your resentment that all these fancy sicentists bother to educate themselves about subjects that you find too uninteresting or difficult to contemplate. Got it.

And you may notice that no one today claims any of these things are scientific. How did that come about? Is it perhaps because scientists performed experimental work that showed these things to be false?

Guess what: this kind of thing happens all the time when people speculate about the course of future progress. Cancer is perhaps the most complex group of diseases (note: not just one disease, but many) that exists, and is extremely difficult to treat because it is so tightly integrated with our cellular structure. Despite the lack of a universal cure, would you say that progress has been made in treating cancers over the past 100 years? If so, to what do you attribute that progress? Blind luck?

Let’s say I don’t beleive in electricity. Why does the light by my desk still work anyway?

This has to be a joke thread, right?

Okay, working off the assumption that this thread is not a joke, and that **scamartistry **is just seriously misled, I’ll throw some serious answers at it.

Evolution’s “goal” (so far as a process can have a goal, that is) is for every form of life to simply become the best adapted to its environment. Sometimes massive size helps- like elephants or whales. Sometimes long necks help- like giraffes. Sometimes intelligence and tool use helps- like us.

And sometimes, simply being able to exploit your environment better than any other organism means you win. You know what you win? You get to reproduce.

Wanna guess what the most common form of life on the planet is? It’s not the type that displays intelligence. It’s the type that eats everything else- bacteriophages. Intelligence doesn’t help them, but they’re outnumbering us by so much that, in comparison, we’re not even a blip. Intelligence helps us fit our particular ecological niche- but intelligence is not the ultimate goal of life. The only goal that life has is to make more life.

How many times have theists predicted the end of the world, or that Jesus would return, and been completely, utterly wrong? Science has a far better track record.