If given the chance, would you have sex with a dwarf?

And I don’t mean smurfette!

I’ve debated this very question with friends for years now, and nobody can give me a straight answer. The answer I have is “I think so!”

I think that if the circumstances were right, I would be happy to, but I just don’t know! We’d be an odd couple, that’s for sure!

So, being as honest as possible, would you? I’m interested in your opinion.

Intercourse? No. Fellatio? Most likely.

You would perform fellatio on a dwarf??

Alright, ricepad, now that was just sick. And not to mention a below the belt hit. You will pay, my friend, you will pay dearly. Muhahahahahaha!

Well, I’ve always had a thing for Sneezy. I’d make him take a Sudafed first, though.

Well, I guess it depends. Do you mean “would I have sex with her just because she’s a dwarf?” or do you mean “would I have sex with her despite the fact that she’s a dwarf?”

vandal, you said: “Alright, ricepad, now that was just sick. And not to mention a below the belt hit.”

Well vandal, if the dwarf were performing fellatio on you (assumine you’re a guy), it WOULD be a hit below the belt now, wouldn’t it?!?!?!?

Ya know, it wasn’t until their numbers dwindled from 50 down to eight that the other Dwarfs began to suspect Hungry.

Cyn, is this your way of sharing something about yourself with the rest of the group?

Would there be bowling afterwards?

Strangely enough, I’m going to give a serious answer. Yes, of course, if the situation came up naturaly- that is she was someone I liked and we wanted to have sex, why not? To do otherwise would be as repugnent as refusing to sleep with someone because they were brown, or oriental, or had cerebral palsy. They can’t help what their physical status is, and what should it matter as long as it dosen’t interferre whith the activity in question? It has nothing to do with WHO they ARE, it’s just the way they are. No big deal.

I would, but they would have to buy me dinner first.

I tend to agree with you, weirddave, as usual. Still, do you think you could do it without giggling?

Okay, I admit it, I am a bit of a heightist. I prefer men who are at least as tall as me (5’9") so probably not, but hey, you never know. If he was really nice and thoughtful and…and I could stop giggling at the mental picture long enough, maybe.

Actually, Mr.C., I’d be eternally grateful if she didn’t giggle and make " And they call me a dwarf" jokes.

They are all the same height when they lie down :wink:

I’m sorry, but I’m LMAO just picturing it. I don’t think I could do it. (But I am on a bit of a dry spell, so who knows…)

At this stage, I think I’d screw a dwarf pony.

(Was that out loud?)

Nyuk nuyk nyuk! Can you imagine a dwarf talking dirty in the sack?

Did you hear about the dwarf and the amazon? Toes to toes, his nose was in it. Nose to nose his toes was in it. Thank you, Mr. Fields.