If I can't stop coughing, could I at least not pee with each one?

Pretty please? I don’t have any Depends and it’s really uncomfortable sitting here with a wad of paper towels down my pants :frowning:

Just out of curiosity: is there anything you’d feel embarassed to post about?


Probably not. I mean we’re all human, right?

Temporary incontinence… definitely TMI for me.


Opal, have you been introduced to Dr. Kegel?

Then why open the thread?

Personally, I don’t see the point of embarrassment over things that one’s body does/doesn’t do on its own.

Yes, I do kegel excercises. The problem is directly related to my weight :frowning:

I’m having surgery later this summer that SHOULD help, though :smiley:

How about a sponge? :eek:

Heh. Don’t have one handy. I’ll buy a pack of Depends tomorrow. sigh

Cough drops?

Already doing cough drops. They don’t help enough.

I hope not. I don’t want to claim the same species as some people on the net… I just hope that there’s an ISP somewhere that’s been taken over by monkeys.

There is

Okay, I gotta ask…what are …OH! Right. For some reason I was thinking you were using the cough drops to prevent peeing, not to prevent coughing. Never mind.

Have you considered sitting on a toilet and coughing vigourously, thus emptying your bladder?

AMEN! Boy, do I ever hear you. And I am young (well, does anyone still consider 36 young?) and only somewhat overweight (:denial mode ON:).
sigh Four babies is HARD on your body.


If it’s not too personal… what kind of surgery are you getting? Is it gastric bypass? Are you scared?

I don’t think it’s a gastric bypass (but I could be wrong).

My grandma had this problem due to a prolapsed uterus. She had some sort of surgery where they just kinda reaffixed everything in place to remove pressure on her bladder, and tightened up a few muscles that had become slack from delivering 7 kids.

If this is what you’re having Opal, grandma had great success with it - hopefully you will too! Good luck. :slight_smile:


I may be ignorant, but have you tried going to the toilet?!

I mean, then there wouldn’t be anything to leak… am I missing something here? :confused:

Not to be rude or anything, but are you a man, BlueCurls?

Dunno about Blue Curls, but I am. Color me curious: what’s different?