"If I did it" - OJ Simpson

Look inside the I.

But they own the author’s rights and are entitled to all of the author’s royalties, which should be a heckuva lot more than 0.7%

I think the L.A. Times reviewer summed it up nicely today:
After ‘yuck,’ the farce of O.J. Simpson’s book

Apparently it trashes Nicole Brown Simpson pretty badly. His angle is that he was a nice guy who got caught up with a whore who ruined his life and we should all feel sorry for him. :rolleyes:

I’ll donate money to both families’ foundations before I pay two cents for anything Simpson wrote. A restaurant owner in Lexington, KY kicked Simpson out of his restaurant during the Kentucky Derby weekend. I wish everyone else would follow suit.

By the way, did y’all know that Mr. Simpson was accused of participating in an armed robbery in Las Vegas yesterday?
Mr. Simpsons says it was a sting operation to recover sports memorabilia that had been stolen from him, and no guns were involved.

My cubicle neighbour was all agog at the news and his theory is that Simpson is trying to get into the news to publicize the book. Which seems to me to be a totally ludicrous theory since Simpson is not getting any of the proceeds from its sale.

When you’re a narcissist, any attention is good.

“Oh. Well … he probably wants it to do well anyway so he’ll be offered other writing gigs.”

How about skipping the book entirely and just sending a contribution (preferably more than 17 cents) to the Goldman foundation.

The Goldman’s get the money, the publisher doesn’t get rewarded for tastelessness and O.J. doesn’t get the satisfaction of having told his story to you.

He can title his second book


I think the 17 cents is what they get after their lawyers get their take, the literary agent, gets their take, etc. From that, I think they give money to the charities and OJ’s kids. They were on Oprah the other day and even she told them that they got screwed on that deal.

As far as getting the book, I’ve the same mindset as Christopher Darden, if buying the book means they’ll have more money to continue to go after Simpson, then I’ll do it. They were let down in the criminal system so the only way they can get “justice” is to get what they can from Simpson and that’s going to cost lots of money.