OJ's 'Confesssion' ?

What do you make of OJ’s new book? Seeking publicity, making some needed money, or what?

Stirring the pot. The disproportionate amount of rage over his case is always amusing. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Oh, and making some needed money.

Addicted to attention.

I think it’s a clever ploy to flush out the REAL killer, who OJ has been relentlessly pursuing all these years…gonna nail that sucker any day now!

… :dubious:

Pathetic attention whore who’s not worth anyone’s notice.

I don’t have time for this. I’m still looking for cool shit in Al Capone’s vault.

I think he enjoys compounding the Browns and Goldmans pain.

Me thinks he knows everyone knows that he is the killer, so he is taking advantage of that and knows that we are whores when it comes to celebrity gossip, horrid murder cases, etc. He knows his book will sell, and money will come in.

My question is how will he get the money? Doesn’t the Goldman family have rights to his earnings?

Most of it is going into a trust fund for his children and limited liability corps in an effort to protect it (source: Anderson Cooper 360). If OJ goes on a speaking tour that will be interesting because somehow personal appearance is shielded more than other monies (I’m not sure how), which is why the Goldmans are suing for his image rights.

Incredible story. I can’t justify buying this book but I’m way more than casually curious to know what it says. Luckily it’ll cause such a stir when it’s released that I’ll be able to find out on Wikipedia and in editorials and the like and in a few months I’ll be able to get it on half without OJ getting a royalty.

The man makes me hope in the existence of hell. People who absolutely will not accept the possibility that he’s guilty should go there as his retainers. As one of (my future husband) Anderson Cooper’s panelists said last night: “This case is like religion- many people are going to believe what they want to and no amount of evidence will change their mind.”

Is that like, “My wife–Morgan Fairchild. . ., yeah that’s the ticket.” :smiley:

I think the ceaseless lub-dub thumping has finally started to take it’s toll, and this is the OJ’s first tentative step towards complete madness.

It’s a moot subject today. Murdoch pulled the plug.
Thanks for replies.

he was going to reveal it was self defense.