"If I did it" - OJ Simpson

So the book has been out a day or so now, has anyone had a chance to pick it up and read it?

I’m torn on getting it, the morbid side of me wants to hear what he has to say, but the moral side of me is disgusted by the whole idea.

So, anyone?

Waitasecond – did I miss something? Last I heard, this wasn’t being released…or what that just a publisher ploy to generate press?

Wikipedia article

It was pulled following a raft of bad publicity, then the Goldman family sued to get the rights to the book and they had it published with additional comments.

The book was cancelled by the publisher after the Goldman family sued and got the publishing rights to pay the settlement they have against OJ in civil court. They have since found another publisher and retitled it:


Hmm. Back when the original release was supposed to have happened, a local radio station claimed to have gotten some kind of advance copy for review. They did “dramatic readings” from certain chapters (actually, they had their female intern read excerpts). With the exception of the cursing, it sounded like it was written on a junior high level at the most. I might flip through it if I see it in the bookstore, just to see if they were reading from the real thing.

. . .it would be a pirated copy. Fuck you, Orenthal.

Disclaimer: I do not generally condone lawlessness.

Wasn’t it on the internets several months ago?

Yeah, except apparently the profits go to the Goldmans, not to Simpson. Which leaves me in a really icky place. I don’t want to buy, read, touch, own, or see this disgusting excuse for a book, but I feel as if I ought to buy it as a way of giving Simpson the finger.

Timothy Noah in Slate has a pretty good rundown of what’s in the book. Save yourself some time and check it out.

A note on the proceeds issue:

I shoulda previewed.

Hunh. Apparently the Brown family still doesn’t want the book to be published, which the Goldman family ignored.

::snort:: I thought you were joking until I saw the cover on Amazon.

I might get it - Jr. High School is the level that most mainstream books are written, and this isn’t even attempting to be deep literature, so that’s not much of a criticism. And as someone sane enough to have a sensible emotional distance from these strangers, I find the concept itself it extremely interesting. Plus it’s just a great contemporary iconic pop-cultural artifact to have as a part of my bookshelf.

This isn’t the Pit, so I’ll keep it non-vitriolic. Too bad the police can’t treat this as a real confession. Saved by anti-double jeopardy laws.

I heard on the radio this morning that the Goldman’s get 17 cents of each sale. The female lawyer that bungled the case (I forget her name) said that she would be buying multiple copies, and burning them.

At least I got a laugh out of this. :smiley:

Marcia Clark

As did Chris Darden (though I don’t think he added the burning part, just that he’d be buying at least 20 copies as a way to benefit the Goldman’s efforts to pursue their judgment against the guy who murdered their son).

What idiot negotiated that book contract? That’s less than 0.7% of the retail price of the book. Most of my book royalties are 10-15 times that number.

Bwaaaah!! That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Where IS the “IF”?

Bwaaaah!! That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. They really did that. Where IS the “IF” on the actual cover?

So funny I had to post it twice. :smack:

Well, they didn’t actually write it, after all. And I’d hope that the donations to the foundation aren’t included in that figure.