If I EVER find out who you are...

Dear stupid, fucking driver of a late '90s/00 dark blue Chevrolet 1500 pickup truck driving too goddamned fast headed north/northeast on the connector between I-35e and 190 in Dallas…


Fortunately for you, since you didn’t actually hit me, you won’t be charged with leaving the scene of a collision. However I’m stuck with back and neck pains and I’m keeping an eye on my two year old for any symptoms. I honestly hope that one of the other people who watched this idiocy on your part actually got your plate number and called it in, but I’m not holding my breath. Too bad I can’t damn you to eternal hell since I don’t believe in that.

This would happen the day my deductible went from $250 to $1000…

Ouch! Get those neckpains checked out, ASAP, Oy Vey.

Other than that, that just fucking sucks.

Sorry about your accident, but why were you passed on the right?

Seems that if a truck could pass on the right, you could have moved over or should have been keeping right in the first place.

First, move over.

Second, you can still nab him for leaving the scene of an accident. It’s not “leaving the scene of a collision” he still has to stop if he sees it.


Apparently the truck couldn’t pass on the right based on the results. Oy Vey, please, be smarter than I was and get those neck pains checked out ASAP. I was in an accident Wednesday, ignored the collective wisdom of the SDMB and didn’t call a doctor until the next day, after a sleepless, pain-filled night. I’ve now learned whiplash isn’t just a myth. :frowning:


Blown -

Mostly habit. I’ve been driving this curve for about a year and a half and have noticed the left is a bit safer/easier to manage at about 45 mph than the right lane. Its a long, steep incline that ‘suddenly’ curves to the right. People in the right lane going too fast will usually hit the brakes and wobble dangerously when they realize they’re going too fast while people on the left have some shoulder room to work with. In any case, its not a place where you would generally be changing lanes if you had any sense in the first place… pick a lane and stick with it until you’re on the turnpike as it immediately merges twice within a quarter mile of the curve exit.

In other words, its not like I’m on a long, level stretch of road and am hogging the passing lane… there is no passing lane in this case.

Actually Blown & Injected, it doesn’t really matter if he was in the right or left lane, by the OP’s description, he was cut off, when the the guy pulled back into the left lane.

Whether you pass on the right or left, you still must clear the vehicle you are overtaking before you get back into the lane.

I gotta join in with Blown & Injected. Since this other driver actually made it in front of you Oy Vey, he passed you (and I take it didn’t touch you) you shouldn’t have been in that position. Unless you were in a solid line lane (many winding roads here have those on sharper turns) you should have kept right regardless if it’s easier to stay left.

Sorry about your injuries but I have no quarms about passing on the right if I have to.

Anyways, did he brake in front of you or something? Why did you slam on your brakes?

He overtook me at a high rate of speed, cut over without signalling at the point where the curve is the greatest, then hit his brakes.

Ack. Hit submit instead of preview.
Anyway. I’m not defending my choice in being in the left lane… I guess if you haven’t seen/driven this curve its hard to picture. What I’m going on and getting angry about is this jackass who decides that he owns the road and feels justified in not only overtaking me but then jumping in front of me and immediately slowing down… I’m a pretty decent judge of distance and there was less than a car length’s distance between me and his rear bumper when he cut over and then cut his speed abruptly.

I’m also incensed by that he took off, rather than slowing down and trying to help out as did about half a dozen other drivers.

Yeah, who the god damn fuck cares if you “should” have been in a certain lane? What a shitty thing to say to someone who’s almost been killed.

YES, get those neck pains checked and have your child checked thoroughly too! I will NOT tell you scary stories about things that can happen when hidden injuries stop being hidden, because you really don’t need to hear the added anxiety. Just trust me (and everyone else here) and get thee to an X-ray tech.

Exactly. There are a lot of reasons to be in the left lane—no one owns the road, dammit.

I think certain parts of the country get more obsessed with who “belongs” in the left lane. But that isn’t the point, even. No matter how “unintitled” someone is to be in the left lane, that is NO excuse for anyone else to tailgate (I see this a lot) or to act like an asshole (which absolutely happened to the OP). My gosh, it’s just being in the left lane—people need to get a grip. It’s not worth endangering everyone’s life just because they think that someone else is not “entitled” to be in the left lane.

Being in the left lane when one should not be there is acting as if they are the owner doing what they wish.

AGAIN, for the posters that seem to ignore parts of posts - sorry about your accident!

Being in the left lane while not passing is like bringing 15 items in the 12 item lane at the grocery store. They teller is not going to refuse to serve you but don’t bitch if other patrons start commenting on your inability to count.

That said, this really doesn’t have anything to do with left lane hogging so I retract my statements above. A person in any lane can get cut off in this way. Too bad our fucked up laws always blame the guy in the back for an accident.

Oy Vey,

All I can say is MADONN’ - I hope fate brings you the retribution you desire.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Good news - aside from aches, pains and bruises, my son and I are generally ok… we’re on painkillers and rest for a bit. Bad news is that the car is pretty banged up… can’t tell yet whether the frame is bent, but I’ll know more tomorrow. Blown, badmana - no offense taken. Dallas drivers can be extremely obnoxious and self righteous at the same time.