If I had a science fiction-related username, it would be...

SF only, please. I know if I opened it up to fantasy, I’d get a deluge of Tolkienesque names (hell, I’d probably contribute some myself). So focus, people, focus.

I’d maybe go for

Haviland Tuf
Starfleet Chief of Staff
Non-Scruffy Nerf Herder
Womp Rat
Commodore Stoned
Mugato Trainer
Tauntaun Wrangler
Bantha Groomer
Max Headroom

And you…?

Off the top of my head Mannie.

I’d also go with Mycroft Holmes but we have a Mycroft H. already.

Gripping Hand

John Christian
Bill The Galactic Hero
The Mule

Rogal Dorn
Black Jack Geary
Gridnak :smiley:

What’s Mannie from?

I’m a big Holmes fan myself, but wouldn’t consider it SF. I guess YMMV.

There’s also:
Jorj X. McKie
The Stainless Steel Rat

I recognize the others; what’s John Christian from?

Which reminds me:

Zefrem Cochrane
Admiral Kirk
Memory Alpha
Grand Moff
Sith On It

Jerry Pournelle’s “John Christian Falkenberg” books: The Mercenary, West of Honor

The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. Mannie is the nickname for one of the lead characters and Mycroft Holmes is the computers name.

Hiro Protagonist
James Bolivar DiGriz
Felix Hoenikker
Cirocco Jones
Henry Dorsett Case

Shadout Mapes
Hans Rebka
Teela Brown
Tricia McMillan
Michael Poole
Susan Calvin
…ask a glass of water
Hari Seldon
R. Daneel Olivaw
Dave Bowman
Louise Baltimore
David Warner

(a compiled list from me and the husband)

Uhhhh… ronincyberpunk?


Blade Runner
Hack the Gibson
Chiba City Blues

– IG

the dog. And then no one could talk about me.

My friend, you must drop whatever you are reading and run to the bookstore or public library and pick up a copy of **Robert Heinlien’s ** best novel. As dbuzman said, Mannie is the lead (human) character in Moon is a Harsh Mistress. This is the classic Science Fiction book of classic Science fiction books. Rebellion on the moon, a sentient computer, line marriages, the moon as a prison, farming on the moon, magnetic catapults, Hazel Stone as a young teen Hellion, Wyoh you need to meet Wyoh.

More than his more famous Stranger in a Strange Land, Moon is a Harsh Mistress is the classic science fiction must read by the dean of science fiction.

On that note, and as Manny is gone, I might go with Prof. Bernardo de la Paz or Scotty’s Apprentice.

Jim {The book is a fast and solid read and is truly the best novel by the master of Science Fiction}

If I restricted myself simply to Heinlein;

Potiphar Braun
Kettle Belly Bailey
Castor and/or Pollux
D. D. Harriman
Petronius the Arbiter
Slipstick Libby
John Thomas IV

… and so many others.

Morgan Kell
Jaime Wolf
Phelan Kell
Victor Davion
Ilkhan Kerensky

I would go with Gort.

Ellen Ripley

Gee, that’s a tough one!