If I told you I "Flipped a bitch" would you know what I was talking about?

I hadn’t started hearing this term until my (now ex) stepmom started using it regularly.

Since then, I haven’t heard it used much from anyone…although just the other day I heard someone use it.

Do you know what this is referring to?

The answer for after you reply:

Making a (usually illegal) U-turn.

It’s making a U-turn. I believe this is Bay Area slang.

Yes, it was used all the time in High School and growing up. I wouldn’t say it to my Mom, but it could still be used within my peer group and not be weird.

Grew up in WA, Graduated High school 2000

I take it this doesn’t mean you have issues with another member of the cheerleading squad.

I would assume that you had applied a judo move to one of the stable of prostitutes you employ/supervise.

You performed the automotive move normally referred to as a “u-turn”.

Never heard it.

Never heard it. Grew up in Maryland in the 1970s.

I would assume you gestured at another individual with one raised middle finger.

(UK, spent enough time in US to wrongly think I know stuff)

Making a U-turn is called “whipping a shitty” in my experience…at least where I grew up.

“Aww, you missed the turn. Now you’re going to have to whip a shitty to get back there.”

I was down with the OPs vernacular, that’s just how I role, Homie

Yup, you flipped a 180 which, depending on your speed, may have caused your passengers to grab the shit handles.

Edit: I’ve never heard but totally dig “whippin’ a shitty.”

Nope, I’ve never heard the term. I would have guessed it was something like ‘pitched a fit’ as in freaking out on someone.

The real answer? We call that “hangin’ a u-ie” where I come from.

My guess would be that you bought a bitch and resold her at a higher price.

Never heard of it.

U-turns are illegal here, so… only do one if you can get away with it. “Hang a u-ie” I suppose.

I say “flip a u-ie”, but I’ve heard your version, too. Alternately, it can mean to start anal sex without asking first, but it’s usually clear from context which it is.


THat hamburger stuck to’ the frying pan, but i finally flipped that bitch!
I’ve heard it as, “when I told her I made out with her sister, she really flipped a bitch” quite often, but never as an illegal u-turn.

EDIT: Alessan, that made my day. It’s even funnier since you’re Israeli!

Never heard of it, and all my ideas of what it might mean were closer to Babale’s guess.

Never heard it. Thought it was a homeboy way of saying he shot his girlfriend.

In these parts, we pull a u-ie.

Never heard the expression in my life until I was reading a traffic accident report. I had to google it to figure out what was being talked about.