If it were actually fall, what would you be cooking?

It’s only 70 today, which I realize is not actually cold, but it’s grey and feels fall-ish, so I have a pork shoulder roast in the oven with this rub on it: http://thedailypaleo.tumblr.com/post/15552333736/roasted-boneless-pork-shoulder-with-garlic-herb

It’s filling the house with lovely smells and driving me crazy because there is another 2 hours until dinner. Aaargh!

So I thought I’d torture myself further by asking: If it were actually Fall where you are, what would you be cooking?

Oh, I don’t even know where to start. Fall food is my favorite. Lots of different stews for me, usually. Flemish Beef Carbonnade is one of my favorites (and gives me an excuse to buy Belgian beer; not that I really need an excuse.) Hungarian goulash (soup) with pinched noodles. Guajillo pork & potato stew (although I did make this recently.) Those are the ones that immediately come to mind.

Funny you should mention it. I drove by the apple orchard yesterday and thought about all the lovely beauties just finishing their ripening and plumping up. Mere weeks from picking time. Gave me a yen to make apple crisp, served warm with vanilla ice cream.

Makes the house smell like heaven as it bakes.

I’m with pulykamell, there’s too many to list…

Gumbo (my oldest actually asked for this yesterday so I guess it won’t be long)
A big ham just so I can make ham-bone soup with the leftovers
My grandmother’s Italian beef and vegetable soup (no it’s not minestrone)
My famous pork loin (NOT tenderloin) with apples, onions, and raisins
Pot roast with a big tray of oven roasted root vegetables…

I LOVE the fall.

Baking sourdough bread.

Corn chowder and apple pie.

Funny - it feels like Fall today here, too, and I’m thinking the same thing as the OP!

I took a ham out of the freezer, but it didn’t thaw in time for me to cook it, so instead I roasted some chiles I bought at the farmer’s market last week and I’m making pork-chile-corn soup. One thing I completely miss about Fall in Colorado/New Mexico is the roasted chile stands all over the place. I can do a few at a time with my tiny little roaster, but they’re not quite the right kind of chile and I much prefer buying a bushel at a time.

Other than the roasted chiles, Michigan has a much nicer Fall than out west, but I just can’t get the chiles out of my head.

I like putting together a stew in the slow cooker on Sunday morning and letting it cook while I watch football all day.

We had chili and cornbread at the deli today. It sold well. I think a lot of us are ready to be done with this heat.

Pumpkin! I’d roast and puree a sugar pumpkin and make pancakes with the puree. And muffins. And bread.

I’m excited because in about 2 months pumpkin is going to be one of my baby’s first foods. Perfect timing, baby!

I cook all year round, dripping sweat and all.

But in the fall and winter, I tend to make a lot of:

split pea soup, with ham or other pork, with a little kick from red pepper flakes
chicken with forty cloves and bread
The Pioneer Woman’s homemade cinnamon rolls (a lot of work but so worth it)
The Pioneer Woman’s bread pudding with hard sauce

Probably some chili.

Make it in the morning, let it cook in the slow cooker all day, and enjoy with Sunday Night Football. A nice way to finish a fall weekend.

Another vote for chili, and my fiance’s Canadian Corn Bread. (A bit of maple syrup in the batter. Oh my does it work well!)
Fall-apart pot roast cooked with as many baby carrots as I can safely fit in with it, along with real mashed potatoes. All topped with my cheater gravy, half jarred gravy and half roast juices, reduced.
Cakes and cupcakes. It was so hot here I couldn’t make them, as the frosting would just melt off.
Roasted pumpkin seeds. Although they often come out kinda chewy, while I’d prefer more crispy… If anyone has a perfect recipe I’d love to hear it!
Roast turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas n’ carrots. It seems most people will not even consider it until fall, which is a shame as turkey dinner is something I could eat all year round!

Apparently after a really long stretch of record temps and extreme drought, a few days in the 70’s triggers the same thought in many people.

Friday, I left work early and made a big pot of a wonderful Beef Stew (Basically my Grandma’s recipe). Paired it with some fresh rolls, opened all the windows and surprised my wife when she got home from work. Kids went to a football game (first of the season)… seemed just like fall to us.

Best part… leftover stew. It was lunch yesterday and will be again today! Its true that it gets better each day it ages.

Soups, casseroles, roasts, anything requiring the oven. I haven’t turned mine on in months so no fresh baked goods here for a while.

Mostly soups, tho. I love soups but I don’t want to overload the air conditioner with a hot pot simmering all day. C’mon fall!!!

Kale soup. Portuguese linguica and chourico sausage, red kidney beans, diced potatoes, and of course, kale, in a hearty broth that makes you feel warm all over. Cape Verdean comfort food.

70s! Ha! It was barely in the 50s today when I woke up.

Which is fine with me. I’m going to cook the aforementioned ham today. It’s a half ham, smoked, from a pig I bought last year. I can’t remember the last time I cooked a ham like this. Anyone got any suggestions?

Wow - all these posts about chili make me want chili today.

Tonight I am making this: http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/eggplant-and-lentil-stew-with-pomegranate-molasses

I’ll be coming back to this thread when actual fall gets here.

Wednesday we made the classic turkey thanksgiving dinner [for us] - whole roast turkey, stuffing baked outside the bird, mashed sweet potatoes, not that garbage with melted marshmallows, string beans NOT in that nasty assed mushroom vomit, pumpkin pie, cranberry relish.

No reason, we just do it every couple months. It is great for a weeks worth of leftovers afterwards =)