If men had PMS

A casual comment from a female colleague got me thinking.
She said if men menstruated (heaven forbid) it would be all about how long and how much : )
Add to that PMS, do you think we men would wage war, cause a monthly spike in violent crime, drug consumption and domestic violence ?
Would a sympathetic judge let us go after we claim that the deed was done because we were PMSing ? I think there was case back in the day.
Female dopers, what do you think ?

Not if men get periods.

I think this OP feels to me like a weird commentary on women.

Gloria Steinem said (something like) if men menstruated, it would be seen as a connection to the rhythm of the universe.

Also, if men got pregnant abortion would be a sacrament.


I’ve seen PMS defined as “That time of month when women act like men do all the time”.

Apologies to the female dopers if they felt offended. No misogyny intended at all. It was just a post about the addition of masculinity into something only women would know the full impact of. Especially the women in my office were having a quite a fun time applying those to their husbands and boyfriends. This whole discussion arose from a severe man cold one of the husbands was ’ suffering’ from.

Don’t tell me you have never heard of “biorhythms” !

If my husband had PMS, I’d hear about it non-stop until it was over.

Some men would be bragging about their flow. Like “Man, I bled 9 ounces last week!” and then calling other men, who bled less, pikers.




If men had to go through pregnancy and childbirth, each family would have only one child.